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Our 5 Top Key Points for Mold Design

Are you working on a new injection molding project? You might have some concepts about how to manufacture your products. To ensure you can get high quality parts in short time frame, we would like to share our 5 important points that may help you to kick off your rapid tooling or Rapid Prototype Tooling project. 1. Layout, layout, Layout: Layout is one of the critical aspects in mold design, it

How to Find Rapid Tooling Manufacturer In China?

China has been predicted as the largest economy in the 21st century around the globe and will soon surpass the America. Despite the fact that the relative cost of manufacturing in China has risen in the past few years, it is still often the best location for American retailers and manufacturers to source goods or parts. In this article TEAM Rapid will broaden your thoughts on how to find the

What Material Is Suitable for Your Plastic Prototype?

There are many choices of plastic available for rapid prototype. How to select the best one to meet your needs? Here shares some general plastics info for reference. ABS Description: this low cost engineering plastic offers exceptional mechanical and surface strength for a wide range of parts used in high-impact application Properties: one of the popular China Rapid Prototyping CNC material, cut easily, thermal and dimensional stability. It also can be painted

How to Choose Powder Coating, Anodizing, Electrophoresis?

Recently, we received couples of enquires about the post finish selection. Some customers would like to make some custom metal parts and make them look pretty. They are entangled in how to select the suitable finish at low cost but high quality. Here, we want to share our experiences and opinions about these 3 finishes: 1. Powder Coating Powder coating is a type of coating that is

Where Can I Find a Competitive China Manufacturing Company?

This is a good question and the answer is a bit more complex. Here, we are going to share our opinions about it. 1. Price depends on the specifications. Take a watch as example. For the same watch design, the material and components bear greatly effective on prices. Zinc alloy watch can be 6 USD, but stainless steel watch starts at 22 USD Price difference hugely! The price depends on

What Is the Cycles of Injection Molding Process ?

TEAM Rapid is a plastic injection molding manufacturer in China, we produce thousands of plastic injection molded parts each day in various sizes and geometries. The process involves a high pressure injection of a polymer into a mould where it is shaped. Clamping, injection, cooling and ejections are the main four stages in the cycle. Depending on how large the mold is and the efficiency of the injection machine, the

4 Things You Need to Consider Before Moving to Plastic Injection Molding

As the boosting of sales volume, you might start to consider plastic injection molding for your larger volume manufacturing. Before moving forward to this process, you need to take the following 4 things into consideration first. 1. Sales Volume Above all, sales volume is key factor that determine your future plan and choosing production method. If your sales volume is still in struggling, we will suggest other production method such

Why 7 CNC Machining Tips for Making Your Prototype Better and Cheaper?

For CNC machining, there are lots of aspects that can affect the prices of your CNC prototypes. Helping customers to optimize the design and lower the manufacturing cost are our daily work. We have seen many CAD models with the unnecessary features but increase plenty of machining hours and machining cost, hereby, we want to share our experience on how to make CNC Prototyping China better and cheaper. 1.

Why 5 Factors that affect CNC Machining Cost?

It is very important to choose a reliable and effective machine shop to to expand your business. As depending on various factors, the price of CNC machining parts will vary, these factors include: Material Selection Raw material cost and material machinability cost are 2 main aspects affect the machining cost. Generally speaking, the expensive material can have better performances and life time while the products in cheaper material may be

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