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Apollo, Silverlight, Java & Zinc – It’s a Name Game

As we approach the public ‘beta’ of Adobe’s Apollo, the question naturally comes round to what is going to be the final name for their latest piece of software. We’ve been told that ‘Apollo’ is only the code name for the application and will be changed sometime soon. Looking from a marketing viewpoint, this could be a rather dangerous thing to do. The Apollo brand has to

Zinc Vs Apollo: Forum fighting, it’s all the rage!

‘It’s all getting rather interesting.’ Is how one web journalist put it to me the other day and I think that he’s right. According to the writings on the wall, or in this case the writings in the forums, the Adobe Apollo issue seems to be picking up a certain amount of momentum. The Adobe PR machine had begun to run for Apollo as they have been leaving

Apollo Vs Zinc™ Nothing of the Sort

‘Chaos and disarray in all around I see.’ excuse the play on words but it does seem to rather accurately and aptly sum up the plethora of different opinions and quite frankly wild surmises that are flying around the web-site forums, when the topic of conversation comes down to Adobe Apollo and MDM Zinc. It has been nearly two months since Adobe announced its Alpha version of Apollo, and the forums

Multidmedia’s Reaction to Adobe’s Announcement about Open Sourcing Flex

Multidmedia Limited the creators of Flash based development software Zinc V.2.5 have been inundated with that same question over the last week or so: What is our stance on Adobe’s recent announcement about open sourcing some of the component parts of flex? The simple answer is that MDM welcomes the decision from one of the Industry Giants; any step towards supporting the open source community has got to be a

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