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VSPL Announced to Offer Single-tenant & Multi-tenant Contact Center Software

VSPL, a renowned digital service provider has announced its Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Contact Center Software versions for various types of businesses. Like the name says, the single-tenant software could be leveraged by the end-users for their own usage. The main customers of single-tenant Contact Center Software are call centers, banks, insurance companies, BPO’s, healthcare, manufacturing, and many other businesses looking for better customer engagement and increase in customer satisfaction. The multi-tenant

VSPL Launches Custom CRM Development Services

Vindaloo VoIP Services, a renowned company that provides VoIP services all across the world has launched its new services Custom CRM Development on April 1, 2021. Looking at how businesses have become entirely customer-centric, VSPL reached the conclusion of introducing its Custom CRM Development Services. When the CEO of Vindaloo noticed how customer-centric businesses have become, how relationships between companies and customers need regularization, he decided it is time to launch

VSPL Announces to Offer Unified Communication as a Service

Get world-class unified communication solutions from VSPL to ensure all communication needs of your organizations are catered to. February 16, 2021, The leading VoIP provider Vindaloo is all set to provide a new service called ‘Unified Communication Solution’. The newly launched service aims to strengthen the communication system of organizations and enables them to use multiple communication mediums rather than the only one. It lets organizations grab various growth opportunities by

VSPL’s Bhaskar Metikel Features on Startup Info

In his recent interview, Bhaskar shares his overall experience about the current global pandemic and its impact on his businesses, and how he deals with it. January 2, 2021, Bhaskar Metikel, CEO of VSPL headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, has finally revealed how the global pandemic caused by Coronavirus impacted his business and his strategies to cope. He managed to deliver the same quality of services to clients across the world. Not

Vindaloo VoIP Launched VinSwitch: Carrier Grade Class 4 Softswitch

On this occasion, the spokesperson of the company made an announcement on their launch of carrier grade class 4 softswitch. The company has given it a name: VinSwitch. This is a ready to use VoIP class 4 softswitch and any VoIP service provider can use it. This solution is developed on top of the most reliable VoIP technology. The VoIP class 4 softswitch is developed with an aim to

Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer Multitenant Call Center Solution Development

Vindaloo VoIP Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a popular IT company that offers innovative solutions and client centric services. One of the spokesperson of the company announced to offer multitenant contact center development services. It means the company will offer the development service for the call center solution which will have the capability of having multiple tenant call center solutions. This is perfect for the contact centers, which have multiple branches

Vindaloo VoIP Announced to Offer IVR Solution Development

Vindaloo VoIP Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a leading IT company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, which majorly focuses on VoIP solutions, mobile app development and web solutions. The company is renowned to provide client centric services since inception. The company offers various services such as, development, customization, support, etc. Recently, one of the spokesperson of the company announced to offer the best IVR aka Interactive Voice Response Solution development service

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