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Medical Tourism Facilitator and International Insurer Partner to Provide New Pro …

Healthbase and Seven Corners partner to provide new protection for medical tourists. Seven Corners, one of the industry's most experienced specialty travel insurance underwriters, announces a new partnership with award-winning medical tourism facilitator, Healthbase Online, Inc. By combining Seven Corners' experience in underwriting and administering specialty travel insurance plans, and Healthbase's expertise in matching medical tourism patients with a world-class network of internationally accredited hospitals, the companies have developed the industry's

Dental Tourism in Mexico: Underinsured Texan Saves 68% on Major Dental Surgery F …

Khan who suffered from jaw problems since childhood saved a huge 68% on his dental bill by having his dental surgery in Mexico. Thanks to Healthbase, the award-winning medical tourism and dental tourism facilitator that arranged his dental travel abroad, Khan was able to rescue his deteriorating gums. Americans choose to travel overseas for dental care or medical care largely because of lack of insurance. Some have to seek this

Healthbase Solves Arthritic’s Problems through Medical Tourism in India

A long-time osteoarthritic finds relief at an Indian hospital through Healthbase and gets a handle on his life. It has been 12 weeks since his bi-lateral hip resurfacing surgery and Richard Paquette is snorkeling in the sunny Southern Californian beaches. In the past, Richard had problems walking from his car to his front door until Healthbase, a Boston-based medical tourism facilitator, arranged for his hip surgery at the Joint Commission International

Healthbase Assists American Heart Patient to Get Life-Saving Cardiac Bypass Surg …

Steve Slaven of Arizona had lost his health insurance after an angioplasty 7 years ago. So, last month when he suffered from chest pain and lack of energy, he like 45 million uninsured Americans had no place to go for healthcare. Healthbase, a Boston-based medical tourism provider, arranged cardiac bypass surgery for Steve Slaven in India and helped him save his life. “I got on the Internet looking for information. Luck

Healthbase Announces Expansion to Turkey for Low Cost Medical Care

Uninsured Americans get more affordable options to choose from for their healthcare needs. Healthbase Online Inc., a Boston-based medical tourism facilitator, has partnered with Anadolu Medical Center (AMC), a not-for-profit multi-specialty hospital in Turkey. Healthbase will now offer low cost yet high quality medical travel services in Turkey. AMC, a JCI accredited Istanbul-based medical service provider is affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine, USA. Saroja Mohanasundaram, the CEO of Healthbase says, “We like

Healthbase Interviews Beauty From Afar Author on Medical Tourism

Outsourcing is not just about manufacturing and call centers and computer programming and financial services – today, people are actually outsourcing their own medical care. Everybody who experiences medical tourism raves about the low cost high quality health care phenomenon. For Jeff Schult, it resulted in a book. In a recent interview with, a Boston-based medical tourism provider, Jeff Schult, the author of one of the top selling books on

Healthbase Prescribes Medical Tourism Ensuring Good Healthcare for All Americans …

Michael Moore’s latest movie, SiCKO, makes clear the present healthcare scene in America. In such a situation, international healthcare providers help Americans by providing them the healthcare they need at affordable costs. Medical tourism, as the practice is called, benefits not only uninsured and underinsured Americans but insured Americans as well. Healthbase offers help to patients going overseas for surgery by saving them money and making accessible services not covered

Medical Tourism - Avoid Years of Unnecessary Debt

Americans – uninsured, underinsured and even insured – are taking advantage of the low cost, high quality healthcare overseas and saving tons A Hip Resurfacing Surgery for only $7,500! When Kathie Thornton’s medical tourism facilitator, Healthbase, informed her she could get her hip replaced for only $7,500 she wondered if it was too good to be true. The only catch was she would have to travel to India for her treatment

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