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08.05.07 -

Whole Home Filter Water Systems - The Smarter Choice Compared to Point-of-Use Systems

Nowadays more and more responsible households and families are asking water quality related questions, such as “What can we do against our contaminated city water? Or “How do we effectively filter... mehr

08.05.07 -

Why Carbon & Multi Media Water Filter Systems Outshine Reverse Osmosis Systems

Actual water treatment facilities are timeworn, municipal and city water sources contaminated. Which water filter treatment solution makes the most sense to ensure pure, clean and healthy water for th... mehr

30.04.07 -

Alkaline Nutrition - Ways to Achieve pH Balance and Restore Health

Due to fast paced daily lifestyles, eating on the run, people have to face a constantly growing endangerment: the over-acidification of the body cells, which will interrupt cellular activities and fun... mehr

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