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Tottenham Hotspur Announce Multi-Year Partnership With Libertex Libertex has bec …

Driven by their determination to be the best, this partnership will showcase the progressive outlooks and commitment to continued improvement that enables Libertex and Tottenham Hotspur to perform at the highest level in their respective fields. Since 1997, Libertex has been at the forefront of cutting-edge developments in the trading markets, with the company’s innovation rewarded with over 30 prestigious industry awards. In keeping with their club motto, ‘To Dare

Bitcoin & co., what are they ultimately for? Invest in Bitcoin halving expectati …

Eduardo Strecht Ricou, Libertex Senior Analyst I am often asked if I have a favourable or unfavourable opinion regarding the world of cryptocurrencies. I answer them with a question: "Do you know what Bitcoin is for?" They sometimes answer that they're "not sure" what Bitcoin is for, but that they heard the neighbour screaming out the window that he had made money buying and selling Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? A new revolution in

Libertex wins Best Trading Platform in the European CEO Awards 2020

Top financial and business news magazine European CEO has chosen Libertex as the Best Trading Platform of 2020, as part of the prestigious publication's annual awards for innovation in business. The highly coveted prize, handed to Libertex CMO Marios Chaillis in London, recognizes Libertex as the leading trading platform on the market today. Nominated for its high quality product and outstanding client service, Libertex has been operating since 1997 and currently

Canadian cannabis stocks are set to rise

Canadian cannabis stocks are set to rise on positive news from Aleafia Health Inc. that it is about to finish paying off convertible bonds in the amount of $25 million. This comes after shares in Canopy Growth (CGC) saw significant growth following reports that the company had come to an agreement to acquire Acreage Holdings Inc. Under the terms of the deal, Canopy will be able to take control of the

Pinterest: the perfect picture for Libertex traders

Following the recent incorporation of Lyft to its platform, Libertex continues to expand the list of assets for its clients. Today, the Libertex trading platform announces the launch of CFDs (contracts for difference) for Pinterest (PINS), valued at $10 bn after the IPO that took place this April 17th, 2019. The IPO price, initially set at a range of $15 to $17, quickly moved on to $19, proving the interest of

Libertex Launched Lyft Trading

Libertex just launched CFDs (contracts for difference) for shares of Lyft Inc. (LYFT), that raised 24,3 bln USD following its IPO at the end of March, 2019. Igor Galkin, Head of Global Business Development and Sales at Libertex Group, said, “Lyft held an IPO at the end of March, 2019. Its shares are one of the most interesting instruments of this season. We’re glad to offer our clients CFD for Lyft

Cannabis Growers’ Stock to Continue Along the Upward Path on Investors’ Opti …

Canada’s cannabis producers’ stocks have continued to rise, as investors have been anticipating upbeat developments for the sector. Moreover, there is some really good news to propel particular growers’ stocks higher. Canopy Growth (СGC) has been the sector’s top performer, as its stock had jumped up by more than 80 percent over the first three weeks of January and skyrocketed by 10 percent last Friday on news that major stock analysts

Cannabis Stocks’ Prices Grow on the Upbeat U.S. Cannabis Market Outlook

Canada’s cannabis growers’ stocks traded in the U.S. market have been marching vigorously up since 2018 Farm Bill had made hemp, and thus CBD oil, legal across all of the U.S. states. This news was followed by Canopy Growth’s (CGC) announcement of its having received a license by the state of New York to grow and process hemp and being set to further spread its roots outside Canada, planning to invest

Financial Scouts: European Investors Apprehensive of the U.S. Government Shutdow …

European stock markets continue facing pressures on the U.S. government shutdown and China’s economic outlook related wariness. The current government shutdown is the longest in the U.S. history. The U.S. federal government has been in a partial shutdown since December 22, 2018 with a slew of key government agencies such as Department of State, Department of Justice and Department of Transportation affected due to the differences between the country’s President Donald

Europe’s Stocks Continue Growing On Weaker Euro

There are some odds for Europe’s stock indices to grow now that the Euro has weakened versus the U.S. dollar, and that investors are waiting for the outcomes of the U.S.-China trade talks. The exporters’ stocks dynamics are fostered by the weakening EU currency, as companies’ dollar-denominated revenues grow accordingly. The Euro has slid downward on the not too upbeat Euro Area statistics. Financial scouts note that this market sentiment indicator

Pot Stocks Might Be Up After the Christmas Recess

Canada’s cannabis stocks might grow appreciably after the Christmas trading break. Just before the holiday closing, the pot sector was feeling quite upbeat, with the Aphria Inc NYSE price notching up by a hefty 14% on December 24. The sector has caught the investors’ interest now for multiple reasons. One of them is that the U.S. stock market was brutally downbeat on Christmas Eve, having the worst pre-Christmas day on

Marijuana Stocks Resumed Fall After a Short-Lived Growth Spree

After the recent short-lived growth spree, Canada’s marijuana growers’ stocks fell back to reality, and so the downslide in the sector continued. Investors, who used to feel really upbeat as they anticipated marijuana to be legalized throughout all the U.S. states, now fear that this might not actually happen. Financial scouts believe that the greatest risk now faced by the pot sector is that marijuana sales may be banned under

Marijuana Stocks May Become More Upbeat On Major Investors’ Getting Attracted …

Canadian marijuana growers’ stocks’ fall was blunted by a bunch of positive news that bode well for the sector. The most important positive cue is that investors expect marijuana to be legalized throughout the whole country in the U.S. If this happens, this is likely to trigger a cannabis sector boom similar to the one that followed the legalization of the recreational marijuana in Canada. Though the pot sector has

Libertex trading platform adds 5 CFDs on cannabis shares

Libertex has added five new contracts for difference (CFDs) to its trading platform. Starting from December 11th, 2018, traders using our cross-channel platform will be able to trade with the five hottest instruments, which represent the world’s most popular companies operating in the growing sphere of marijuana production and processing. CFDs on the following shares are now available in Libertex: • Tilray, • Canopy Growth, • Aphria, • Cronos Group, • Aurora Cannabis. Libertex CEO Michael Geiger said: “Marijuana is fast growing

Europe’s Markets Will Be under Pressure as Traders Await Brexit Deal Decision …

For the time being, European investors await the outcome of the UK cabinet meeting to be held soon to see if the draft deal is approved. Meanwhile the UK Parliament continues its debate on the deal ahead of the December 11 vote. If the deal is rejected by the British MPs, the UK will have to leave the EU without a deal, which will hurt the country’s economy badly. So

Marijuana Stocks Falls into the Correction Territory

Major Canadian pot stocks were broadly lower, with some prices currently falling by as much as 5 to 6%. The sector has been into the correction territory after soaring in October on recreational cannabis sales rollout in Canada. Now we see a big share price reversal versus the peak prices. The Sector’s leaders Canopy Growth Corp and Tilray Inc fell by about 50% versus their 12-month highs. And some other

Which opportunities does financial scouting bring?

When it comes to financial investments, being ahead of the others is a key to success. The drivers influencing the price are constantly changing. This makes it necessary to always monitor both micro and macroeconomics and act fast. As Leo Szilard, a famous scientist, once said, 'In order to succeed it is not necessary to be much cleverer than other people. All you have to do is be one day

Europe’s Markets to Remain under Pressure, As Investors Await the G20 Summit a …

Europe’s investors’ eyes are on the G20 summit to be held from November 30 to December 1 in Argentina. Investors expect that some new arrangements might be worked out by the US and China that would hopefully help to break the trade impasse. The positive expectations are driven by the US President Donald Trump’s saying earlier that he intends to discuss the situation with the Chinese leader on the sidelines. Another

Europe’s Markets to Remain Volatile as Investors Wait for the Italy Budget Imp …

Europe’s stock markets are awaiting the outcome of the Italy budget crisis. Most likely, we’ll have some certainty about what really happens in early December. Investors are somewhat worried about the situation, with market prices going both ways. The Eurogroup is scheduled to meet on December 3 and will most likely discuss the issues faced. Italy’s government are hopeful that there will have a constructive dialogue with European Commission Head

EU Markets Cheered by the Draft Brexit Deal

Europe’s markets are likely to be headed south as the US-China trade relationship has been stubbornly dominated by uncertainty, and also due to Italy’s economy quandary and overwhelmingly pessimistic oil market sentiment. On the plus side, the European markets will be bolstered by the news that the EU divorce deal has been eventually reached. Despite the array of pessimistic forecasts, London and Brussels have successfully struck the Brexit withdrawal deal

Europe Worries About Oil and Waits for the U.S. Federal Reserve System to Decide …

European stock markets are feeling optimistic after the results of the U.S. midterm Congressional elections were announced. However, some uncertainties remain due to the Brexit terms and ambiguous trends in the global oil prices. In the course of the U.S. midterm Congressional elections Democrats won the House of Representatives, but Republicans still control the Senate. The U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to meet with certain difficulties in implementing his initiatives,

Financial Scouts Say Europe’s Traders Will Continue To Follow News About The U …

Europe’s stock markets will continue to face some pressure due to the US-China standoff resolution uncertainty. EU traders will also keep track of the Brexit news and global oil market developments. Trade differences between the US and China will remain the focus of interest for European investors. The news regarding the trade spat are quite contradictory, with the markets propelled upwards and downwards interchangeably every time a fresh piece of trade

European Markets to Be Volatile Amid the Massive Uneasiness

European markets will continue to be volatile, following suit of the mixed dynamics seen by the stock exchanges globally. But then, Europe’s markets have recently been much more moderately downbeat than the rest of the world’s markets. For the EU markets, a key driver fuelling the uneasiness and insecurity is the US-China trade war outlook and how China’s economy’s prospects might be affected. As China’s industrial profits decreased after nine months

The European Markets Might Recover Somewhat Amid Globally Stronger Investment En …

In the offing, the European stock indices might continue their growth, as the investment climate has become better globally. Specifically, the financial scouts watching the European financial markets say that the traders feel upbeat because they anticipate the US-China trade war to be successfully resolved. Investors are now awaiting the meeting between the US President Donald Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping that is planned to be held on October

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