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Maintaining Warehouse Safety During and Post-Lockdown

Essex-based haulage and logistics company, Forest Freight, has been fully operational throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, implementing strict warehouse safety measures to ensure the safety of staff and drivers. As lockdown is eased and more people return to work, these measures will be adapted and expanded to maintain high hygiene levels and protect everyone within the company. The haulage and logistics sector has been severely impacted by the spread of coronavirus and

5% of all phone insurance claims in the UK are for theft

Your smartphone is likely to be a valuable device, particularly if you've got one of the latest models. As such, thieves regard it as a desirable item, and they'll do their best to get their hands on it. But what has the impact been for individuals? Mobile technology has advanced so much that we can implement first-class security measures, but nevertheless the price of these technologies makes them all the

Over 50% of UK workers claim to have an unhealthy work-life balance

As part of their 'The Changing World' research project, loveit coverit surveyed 300 professionals about their use of technology at work, their work-life balance and how smartphones have impacted upon it. The research is the basis of a large project that examines whether smartphones and other technologies offer benefits or drawbacks to our working lives. This is collated with expert analysis and insights from industry experts and mental health professionals to

Sustainability and Sampling - The Perfect Pair to Help Sampling Success

Sampling experts Live Agency produce 2020 report on sampling. The report is built from market and industry trends, insights from clients, and their 10 years of experience in the marketing arena, to share their knowledge on how brands can take their strategy to the next level and to rethink the role of sampling. Sampling campaigns provide brands with a unique opportunity to access new consumers as well as increase brand

AXA Partner loveit coverit to offer comprehensive insurance for all new S10 mode …

Following the release of the S10e, S10, and S10+ from smartphone giant Samsung, loveit coverit is proud to offer affordable and comprehensive Samsung insurance for all the latest models. The S10e, S10, and S10+ are all significant upgrades to Samsung’s flagship line, however, this also raises concerns about its vulnerability to damage. Additionally, with prices starting at £799, the S10 is a significant investment that should be protected. loveit coverit offers Premium

Half of online daters lying in their dating profile: how smartphones have change …

As part of their on-going series of research projects, mobile phone insurance company, loveit coverit, have collated research, professional perspectives and quotes from industry experts to look at how smartphones have impacted romantic relationships and how the way we connect with each other has changed. This project focuses on multiple angles, including the prevalence of niche dating apps, the effect of smartphones in the LGBTQ+ community, and safety and security

86% of parents believe there should be either a total ban or heavily restricted …

Mobile phone insurance provider, loveit coverit, surveyed parents in the UK across different topics regarding children and smartphone use, including cyberbullying, online safety and impact on education, as part of a wider research project collaborating with charities, schools, authorities and governing bodies. The survey from loveit coverit revealed that almost a quarter (24.38%) of parents felt that phones should not be allowed in schools under any circumstances, whilst 33.87% of

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