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Innovative research project DryFiciency welcomes Scanship, a Norwegian pioneer i …

EU-financed DryFiciency project partners working on innovative industry-scale heat pump technologies for various industry applications are welcoming Scanship as new partner into the consortium. Scanship based in Norway produces advanced wastewater purification and waste management systems for ferries, cruise ships, disaster relief and merchant shipping, as well as land-based waste management systems. (Vienna/Oslo) The EU-funded DryFiciency project supports EU’s climate goals by providing industries with innovative heat pump technology prototypes for

Bio-based fertilisers counteract EU import dependency on mined resources

SUSFERT develops highly sustainable, bio-based fertilisers for supplying phosphorus and iron to crops. Replacement of conventional fertilisers decreases the dependency on imported, mined phosphate rock in the EU by 40%. The SUSFERT fertilisers valorise waste and by-products of several industries, and strengthen the circular economy. EU agriculture depends heavily on the use of non-renewable, resource-intensive fertilisers to meet the ever rising demand for food and feed. Phosphorus as the major fertiliser

Novel heat pumps to save up to 80% on energy in industrial drying

The EU-funded ‘DryFiciency’ project tackles energy costs in industrial drying in a wide range of energy-intensive industry sectors. Its novel high-temperature industrial heat pump technologies will save up to 80% of energy in drying processes and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 75%. Vienna (Austria), October 8, 2018. The game-changing project ‘DryFiciency’, funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 Innovative Action program, is tackling energy costs, dependency on fossil fuel and industrial CO2

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