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30.04.07 - Dexcor.Com

Dexcor.Com Now Makes Text Messaging (SMS) Easier

New York, 04/27/07 – Dexcor.Com, has announced a new enhancement to its Web-based email product—short message service (SMS) integration, also called text-messaging service. The new feature lets su... mehr

12.04.07 - Dexcor.Com

Web Hosting Provider Dexcor.Com Cuts I.T. Overhead for Customers

Dexcor.Com is expanding options for its dedicated server customers by adding an Assisted Service Plan - a professional solution without the traditional costs. New York, 04/11/07 – Dexcor.Com today ... mehr

06.04.07 - Dexcor.Com

Web Hosting Provider, Dexcor.Com, Offers Extended Validation SSL Certificates

New York - April 5, 2007 – Web hosting company, Dexcor, announced today that new Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates are available for sale and ready to install. An SSL Certificate is a digita... mehr

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