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Carlton Hedges & Associates In Negotation With Canadian Citizen

Almost seventy five percent (75%) of wealthy families and individuals gave Carlton Hedges & Associates a favorable to manage their affluence. According to a report, Carlton Hedges & Associates was reported to be the biggest inflexible who will administer the wealth issues of Canadian citizen. Carlton Hedges & Associates, spoke person Mr. Walt Lecter said \"We give assurance on our new clients because they choose Carlton Hedges & Associates as their collaborator

Carlton Hedges & Associates Advises The IRS That The US Tax Gap Can Be Narrowed

Carlton Hedges & Associates have completed a review of an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) research project and have outlined 14 opportunities for IRS to identify and collect more unpaid taxes. Carlton Hedges & Associates have looked at the National Research Project that IRS launched to see how many taxpayers underpaid or overpaid Federal taxes in 2001. Carlton Hedges & Associates reviewed IRS files to see where the most taxpayers willfully or

Carlton Hedges & Associates Advises The US Government Against Its Current Approa …

After a week in which leading Democrats and the General Accounting Office looked to the fabled 'tax gap' to collect more money without seeming to increase tax rates, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson told a Senate hearing that trying to reduce the level of uncollected tax significantly would do more harm than good. Mr Paulson said "There is a big part of the tax gap that we simply won't be able to

Carlton Hedges & Associates Advises Clients To Investigate Core International Fu …

Speaking from their corporate head office in New York, Carlton Hedges & Associates spokes person, Walt Lecter explained how they are advising some of their global clients not to overlook core International funds that are currently generating substantial gains. Mr Lecter began his speech by saying “We have long counseled investors to look beyond the shorter-term category leaders and to consider the strategic differences among peers as they pick funds. That

Carlton Hedges Speaks Out Against Venture Capitalists And The Dirty Side To Clea …

Carlton Hedges & Associates have seen renewable investments triple since 2002, but is quick cash really what the sector needs? Carlton Hedges & Associates spokes person, Walt Lecter, yesterday spoke out against venture capitalists that are damaging renewable energy firms. He stated “Venture capital is sexy and exciting: The glamour of bringing a new business to market and the promise of big returns has started to have a devastating impact on

Carlton Hedges & Associates Provides Tax Consultancy Services To Global Corporat …

New York based Carlton Hedges & Associates provides tax consultancy services to their global clients in order to make them more tax efficient. Walt Lecter of Carlton Hedges & Associates explains “Tax efficiency is a phrase that we hear thrown around a lot in the financial press, however what does it mean to your company?” he added “Carlton Hedges & Associates provides a one stop shop for corporations to check

Carlton Hedges & Associates Provides Global Corporations With Mergers & Acquisit …

Modern commercial thinking has become far more aggressive in terms of using a company take-over as a tax saving strategy. Walt Lecter of Carlton Hedges & Associates explained “It is an effective tool for writing off large capital gains liabilities”, he continued to say “It an be as easy as identifying a suitable corporate fit that will enhance the buying corporation.” Further to this he commented that ”In this

Mergers & Acquisitions on Full Throttle

Mergers and acquisitions activity has increased threefold in the US market since the year 2000 with companies scrambling to consolidate their positions in the face of increasing global competition. Carlton Hedges & Associates spokesperson, Walt Lecter, commented “We have seen an almost explosive growth in Mergers and acquisitions in the market over the last few years.” He then went on to say “Here in New York we have an average of

APT Satellite Appoints Carlton Hedges & Associates as US Tax Attorney

Asian conglomerate APT Satellite yesterday confirmed the appointment of New York based Carlton Hedges & Associates as their US tax attorneys. The appointment of Carlton hedges & Associates further confirms speculation that APT Satellite are about to enter the US Market. Carlton Hedges & Associates spokes person, Walt Lecter, added that "Carlton Hedges & Associate are excited by the prospect of working with APT Satellite and it further confirms that

Carlton Hedges & Associates In Talks With Catic Shenzen Holdings

Carlton Hedges & Associates are reported to be in talks with Hong Kong exchage listed Catic Shenzen Holdings to act on their behalf to negotiate the settlement with the US tax authorities over the $16.9 million allegedly owed in outstanding corporation tax to the IRS. Carlton Hedges spokesperson, Walt Lecter said "We anticipate a end to this long running dispute by the end of 2004." He further added that "We