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Ecosmob Offers Session Border Controller Development Service

Ecosmob announced custom session border controller development services aimed at carriers as well as corporate sector. Speaking on the occasion the company's VP said, "VoIP communication grows exponentially and brings in its wake several issues of interoperability and security. The session border controller takes care of such issues but today's ecosystem is full of various protocols and codecs that previous generation SBCs simply cannot handle. Ecosmob's SBC solution is comprehensive,

Asterisk Service Introduce IVR Solution for Hospitality & Travel Industry

Asterisk Service, a division of Ecosmob, announced availability of IVR solution tailored to suit hospitality and travel industry.  According to the VP, the company’s teams put in their best effort in the IVR software development. Considering the way hospitality industry operates and the different stages of the customer journey as well as the nature of hospitality, it was a challenge but they came up with a sophisticated IVR solution for the

Asteriskservice Announced Asterisk Custom Development Services for Telecom Compa …

Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, announced custom asterisk development services specifically for the telecom sector.  Speaking on the occasion the company’s VP said, “Asterisk Service has more than a decade of experience on the asterisk platform and its conferencing solution, broadcasting solution, WebRTC solution, call center software and IVR systems have gained industry acceptance worldwide. With a team that is proficient, knowledgeable and competent, Asterisk Service is now poised

Asteriskservice Launches WebRTC-based Meeting Rooms Solution

Asterisk Service, specialists in open source VoIP development and a part of the global Ecosmob group, announced launch of exclusive WebRTC based Meeting Rooms Solution. As matters stand the company already offers a number of webRTC video solutions and custom webRTC development services. This development focuses on Meeting Rooms or online audio-video conferencing as a specialized collaboration tool with all the bells and whistles according to the company’s VP.  Asterisk’s latest

Asterisk Service Announce CRM Integration in VoIP Solutions for International En …

Asterisk Service, a division of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, announced availability of CRM integration services in VoIP solutions for international enterprises. Such services, said the VP, are of prime importance considering the scenario.  Businesses may already have CRM like SalesForce in use since years whereas solutions like IP PBX or contact center software or IVR may be recent adoptions to facilitate omnichannel communications. The CRM works in a separate channel

Asterisk Service Launch Open Source SBC Solution With Advanced Features at Affor …

Asterisk Service announced launch of feature-rich high performance open source border controller solution aimed at telecom operators, VoIP service providers and business enterprises. Speaking on the launch the company’s VP said, “Asterisk Service has proven expertise in open source VoIP technologies as evidenced in its IVR, conferencing software, contact center software and WebRTC solutions. The open source session border controller is a natural progression in its overall scheme to grow

Asterisk Service Announce Feature-Rich Conferencing Solution

Asterisk Service, a unit of global VoIP tech leader Ecosmob, announced launch of feature rich Conferencing Solution that can be put to a variety of uses in industry and business. Speaking on the launch the company’s VP said, “Asterisk Service conferencing solution has been undergoing iterative improvements over the past months. The latest release is full of features that promote communication and collaboration.” Asterisk Service web conferencing solution has the standard

Asterisk Service Broadcasting Solution Helps to Spread Awareness of Your Busines …

Asterisk Service, a division of global VoIP technology leaders Ecosmob, announced broadcasting solution for businesses. According to the company’s VP, “Asterisk broadcasting solution has a number of advanced features to enhance functionality and also make it easy to use.” The broadcasting solution, according to the VP, is a better option compared to cold calling that can have an adverse reaction. Voice broadcasting, for instance, works in conjunction with programmed IVR script

Asterisk Announced Session Border Controller For Secure VoIP Networks

Asterisk Service, a part of Ecosmob group of companies, announced availability of elastic and intelligent SBC solution developed specifically to address higher levels of security required in VoIP networks by carriers and VoIP service providers. Asterisk Service session border controller is elastic software based solution specifically designed to handle thousands of simultaneous sessions in service provider networks with built in scalability. Emphasis is on providing the highest levels of security

Asterisk Announce SBC Solution for VOIP in 2019

Asterisk Service, a unit of Ecosmob, global VoIP technology leaders, announced availability of SBC solutions for VoIP service providers that meet emerging trends and needs in 2019. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said, “VoIP wired and wireless networks are evolving and follow different paths using H.248, MGC and SIGTRAN as well as H323 protocols. Further, the trend for 2019 is to go in for hosted services and, in

Asterisk Announce Hotel IVR Development in 2019

Asterisk Service, a division of global VoIP technologies leader Ecosmob, announced availability of custom hotel IVR development services for global hotel chains and hospitality industry. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said, “Asterisk is a part of Ecosmob, a global VOIP and AI technologies solution provider. What this partnership portends for 2019 is intelligent and smarter hotel IVR solutions.” Asterisk IVR development is miles ahead of the normal tree and

Asteriskservice Announce Customized Development System using Asterisk Technology

Asterisk Service, a division of Ecosmob, works exclusively on the open source Asterisk platform and have gained mastery over the medium besides being able to integrate other open source technologies. With these capabilities under their belt, Asterisk Service announced customized development services for VoIP services, telecom carriers, business enterprises and also to support IT service providers and developers. According to the company’s VP, Asterisk Service has all the capabilities to satisfy

Asteriskservice Announce Quiz IVR for Promotional Event in Telecom

Asterisk Service, a division of Ecosmob, launched quiz IVR for promotional events. The offer targets telecom carriers that can include these in their product portfolio and thus increase revenue while enhancing customer service. Speaking on the occasion, the company’s VP said that Asterisk Service is always thinking up innovative ways to use VoIP technology for the benefit of their telecom clients. As for the technology side, he said that Asterisk

Ecosmob innovative E-pay solution - IVR Payment Processing Solutions

Ecomsob’s IVR payment solution experts engage to help businesses and enterprises easily adopt the IVR payment processing system that can unblock many lucky business verticals.   Ecosmob Team one of the most skilled team for customized IVR solutions with a dedicated client-centric approach offers its new IVR payment processing system. Ecosmob’s  IVR payment software solutions are designed with the mission to help industry leaders to collaborate with their clients and delivery

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