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Donkey milk or anti-aging cream

The skin aging process is a completely natural process, however, many people, mainly female, but not only, try to delay this process as long as possible. Even in ancient times, donkey milk or several ointments and tinctures were used to look "beautiful" for as long as possible. Beauty is not a defined term, since beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Nevertheless, it has been proven that skin
09-19-2019 | Health & Medicine

Dr. Lanfermann® Cosmetics pH 12

Many people can't understand the term pH 12, but those who can do usually reject it immediately - this is impossible, alkaline solutions with a pH value of 12 are corrosive. If you get on the skin, there are bad injuries. - That is correct, if you follow the theory of Svante Arrhenius. The alkalis have a high basicity and are corrosive. Cosmetics pH 12 has a very low basicity

Snip snap - hair off

You go to the hairdresser and look forward to a new hairstyle. But then your hairdresser says sorry, only the scissors help. The shock is deep. Does it really have to be? We don't want to let it come to that. Surely only the scissors help with split ends in the end, but first the hair can be protected, so that it does not come so far. Dr. Lanfermann® TRIPLEX is

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