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Lighting sector market leader steers business in real time

Unplanned downtime, human error or damaged equipment? Kanlux, one of the largest Polish distributors of lighting products, is now protected from the risk of losing invaluable business data. In their headquarters, GridwiseTech recently implemented a highly available system based on Oracle GoldenGate. At the core of the system is real-time data integration technology: Oracle GoldenGate. It enables business data to be stored in many locations simultaneously. All changes made in

GridwiseTech talks on HA and business continuity

As the importance of business data increases, smart investment in IT infrastructure is ever more crucial to a company’s success. How to build stable and IT systems that maintain business continuity and stay within budget? Pawel Plaszczak and his team will discuss this question on May 27th at the 'Data safety and accessibility. Business continuity' conference. GridwiseTech’s survey of the medium-size enterprise segment uncovered the five dominant investment directions at the

GridwiseTech revolutionizes data management

Today, GridwiseTech has developed AdHoc, an advanced framework for sharing geographically distributed data and compute resources. It simplifies the resource management and makes cooperation secure and effective. The premise of AdHoc is to enable each member of the associated institution to control access to his or her resources without an IT administrator’s help, and with high security level of any exposed data or applications assured. It takes 3 easy steps to establish

GridwiseTech shares database speedup know-how

Today, GridwiseTech released Effective Manager’s Guide: Database Speedup. It is a comprehensive analysis of the most efficient techniques and methods for speeding up data processing, described with reference to their potential business benefits. It can be downloaded at The Database Speedup white paper summarizes GridwiseTech’s six years’ of experience in dealing with application bottlenecks and scalability challenges for its clients. It presents methodologies for improving database performance with detailed commentary

Fortis Bank Poland benefits from GridwiseTech's advice

Krakow, 12 December 2007 – GridwiseTech has equipped Fortis Bank Poland with software designed for advanced process flow management in the business intelligence environment. Fortis Bank will be the first bank in Poland to use the enhanced functionality provided by the Platform Process Manager. It has been implemented as part of a project that has been in progress for over a year. The goal of the project is to set

GridwiseTech conquers no-man's land

Grid infrastructure integration testing is still no-man's land. This is because best practices only exist within isolated communities and are not brought into public discussion. GridwiseTech took up the challenge to define best practices by conducting comprehensive research in this area as a vendor independent expert. The outcomes of this project were presented for the first time in public at the EGEE'07 conference in Budapest by Pawel Plaszczak. GridwiseTech's research focused

Speed up your calculations

Krakow, August 3 – GridwiseTech, the vendor-independent expert in scalable solutions, has released a demo application for the financial sector, integrating a system that allows to distribute computation tasks onto multiple machines with a Web-portal for easy mobile access. The demo presents how to speed up sophisticated finance calculations, like forecasting portfolio Value, effectively, also by means of the smartphone interface. It is available at The solution presented by

Mobile access to scalable

Krakow, June 21, 2007 -- At the forthcoming International Supercomputing Conference in Dresden (26-29th of June), GridwiseTech, a vendor-independent expert on scalable solutions, will present demo versions of applications for selected business sectors. At the booth D16, visitors will have a unique chance to see mobile access to grid-complied applications. The engineering demo will present how the process of creating the visualisation of sophisticated simulations can be reduced dramatically. This feature

How to cut processing costs with grid computing

Krakow, 22th May, 2007 – At the recent OGF/EGEE User Forum conference in Manchester, Pawel Plaszczak, President of GridwiseTech explained strategies for scaling processing capabilities to cut costs, including hooking up to external resources. The session “How Can Business and Industry Profit from Using the EGEE Grid” took place on the fourth day of Europe’s largest Grid event. The conference gathered more than 900 end-users, Grid experts and business

GridwiseTech releases an exclusive portal report

Krakow, April 16, 2007 -- GridwiseTech, a vendor-independent Grid computing expert, released an exclusive report on Grid-Compliant Open Source Portals, available for free download on the website The report is an outline of the complete research and software testing of the leading solutions in the field: GridSphere, Liferay and uPortal. It is addressed to technology investigators from business sector, who are in the process of selecting portal technologies suitable

GridwiseTech joins Enabling Grid for E-sciencE (EGEE) Business Associate program …

Krakow, 26th March 2007 - GridwiseTech, the vendor-independent expert in Grid computing and virtualization of distributed IT infrastructure, has joined the Enabling Grid for E sciencE (EGEE) Business Associate programme, building on the longstanding relationship between GridwiseTech and EGEE. Together, GridwiseTech and EGEE will work on joint promotion to the business community to highlight the potential of Grid technology as a solution for today\'s IT problems. Through the Business Associate

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