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p2pb2b Mobile App: All-In-One Solution for Crypto Trading From Anywhere

Top-30 trading platform p2pb2b announces its fully integrated official app to enable a range of services to its clients. Thursday, August 14, 2019 - crypto users can now be in full control of their business from anywhere in the world with p2pb2b having released their official app on Google Play and App Store. It’s a new all-in-one solution for the growing demands of crypto traders, who are looking for security, speed,

TOP-18 Coins on the May by p2pb2b version

Every month the cryptocurrency market is increasing and changing, more and more investors are investing their money in different crypto projects. And so that you do not make a mistake when choosing investments, we have selected for you the top 18 coins on March for investment in p2pb2b version. Particl is an open source trading platform built on its own blockchain. It provides complete privacy and security and designed to

TOP 20 coins of March for investment by p2pb2b version

Buying digital tokens of the project provides a closer link between the company and investors. Users purchase tokens, thereby contributing to the development of the project. In its turn, when tokens begin to be publicly traded on credible exchanges, they become liquid and, if the team continues working on the project, bring high revenues to investors. In p2pb2b we prepared a list of TOP 20 promising projects that were listed on

Winter 2019: TOP-20 Crypto Startups from P2PB2B Exchange

The year 2019 has recently begun but crypto investors are not stuck in the mud. Since the beginning of the year, over $51 million were invested in the blockchain-based projects according to ICOData. The crypto market is still developing and new projects are fighting for their right to stay in the industry. A lot of things, obviously, depends on the investors that support startups. p2pb2b exchange made a list of

p2pb2b Exchange: TOP-10 Projects to Invest in February 2019

Since the beginning of 2019, already over $28 million was raised by new crypto-based projects as it is stated in the ICOdata statistics. The simplest way to support the ideas and ensure your future ROI is to buy project’s tokens on the cryptocurrency exchange. Reliable trading platform mostly lists only credible coins, so as long as you trust the exchange of your choice, you may trust the currencies they enlist.

January 2019: TOP-10 Up-And-Coming Projects According to p2pb2b Exchange

The investment in blockchain projects is still popular among businessmen and crypto enthusiasts. According to ICOdata, over $7,8 billion was contributed to crypto startups in 2018. New projects are introduced to the market players all the time but only a little part of them really have potential. p2pb2b exchange has made a list of TOP-10 projects recently listed on the platform that worth your attention. City Coin Cryptocurrency which promotes the idea

The 2nd Season of p2pb2b Referral Games Starts on February 1st

Most of the cryptocurrency exchanges offer its users various partnership and affiliate programs. p2pb2b platform has chosen an unusual format and will be holding Referral Games for the 2nd time. 1012 traders participated in the 1st season of the Games and 33 of them received 1 million E-dinar coins. This time users will get a chance to win Bitcoin Rhodium coins in the equivalent of $10000. The season will last

8 Projects To Consider for Investment in 2019 - p2pb2b Rating

The new year 2019 is promised to be the year of great success and it’s about time to start thinking about future plans. Businessmen and professional traders are always carefully choosing projects for investment. There should be no rush at all as any project has certain risks and benefits that must be weighted. p2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange has selected TOP-8 projects that worth the attention and can be considered as a

TOP-10 coins to buy before 2019 on p2pb2b exchange

TOP-10 coins to buy before 2019 on p2pb2b exchange The year 2019 is just around the corner and it is about time to think about future investments. CoinGecko tracking service currently provides information and statistics on over 3600 coins. Each of them has its own benefits but you cannot be sure that they all will meet your requirements and goals. The best place to choose the cryptocurrency for the investment

10 Cryptocurrencies to Invest In from p2pb2b Exchange

Cryptocurrency market is currently loaded with more than 2000 coins. No matter if you are a newcomer or a professional trader, it still quite difficult to indicate the right one of them to invest in. This when crypto exchanges come to help. Reliable and secure trading platform tend to list only interesting and, at the same time, valuable coins that can really bring benefit to their owner. p2pb2b exchange has

TOP-15 Promising Crypto Projects 2018 - p2pb2b Choice

According to ICOdata, over 1200 ICO’s were launched in the crypto market in 2018. In total, those projects gathered more than $7,3 billion of investments. p2pb2b exchange has conducted own research among startups and selected TOP-15 projects that have a great potential to succeed in the crypto market. The team of the platform made a choice based on the information on the ICObench tracker and the official websites of the

5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for Day Trading

The use of cryptocurrencies has expanded within the past several years. There are more people consider using digital currency for day trading rather than sticking to traditional money. Even though the crypto market is loaded with exchanges, not all of them meet the requirements for such transactions. When choosing the right trading platform, coin holders should consider not only the profit they can get but also the safety of their

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges With The Lowest Fees

In a diverse world of the cryptocurrency, beginner traders are facing the question of choosing an exchange to start trading their very first digital assets. Each of the platforms offers its benefits for users, however, there are significant criteria that should be considered. One of the main features of any crypto exchange that traders will pay attention to is the fee. Whether you want to convert your fiat in crypto

p2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange has chjsen TOP-10 promising projects

p2pb2b constantly follows after the changes in the cryptocurrency market and stays tuned with the projects presented. ICO are slowly losing their influence but we believe that there are still startups out there that can make burst the market. Our team has chosen TOP-10 promising projects among digital coins that either have already brought a great value to the industry or will definitely do it in the future. BOOSTO - a

Hunger Games on Crypto Exchange. p2pb2b Launches Referral Program

1 mln tokens for free? Simple as it is. p2pb2b cryptocurrency exchange is about to launch its referral program. However, the platform’s team has decided to take a different approach and offer its users various options to win a chance to receive coins. Traders will get points for particular actions made within the exchange, 5 winners will be chosen by the end of each season. Referral Games rules The Games will

The first exchange that began selling LINE messenger tokens was announced

At the end of August 2018, LINE - a popular Japanese messenger - has launched its first cryptocurrency called LINK. Unlike most other companies, LINE is not planning to hold ICO for its coin. The corporation will launch a reward system that gives tokens to users as compensation for using LINE products. Nevertheless, LINK futures are already available for purchase on p2pb2b exchange and anyone registered on the platform can

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