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Unified conference software: audio-video-WEBconference, for Intranet

WEBconference services over the Internet are more and more used mainly since their pricing mode switched from per minute per participant to fixed price per month, for unlimited use. In spite of that, its use has been restricted for security reasons but also due to enterprise culture which valorizes the use of internal resources instead of external service renting. Nevertheless, benefits of conferencing technologies as audioconference, videoconference and WEBconference, taken

WEBconference reduces global warming

By eliminating back-and-forth travel to meetings, WEBconferences reduce the gas emissions that produce the greenhouse effect that in turn causes global warming. They also reduce many of the inconveniences of traveling: driving-related stress, speeding, being late, wait times, and the overall loss of time and money. WEBconferences are just like normal meetings but they are conducted virtually over the Internet. Presenters can give PowerPoint presentations, consult documents, use interactive on-screen

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