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Press Releases from Kithara Software GmbH (11 total)

Real-Time under Windows with EtherCAT and DIAdem

The German company a-solution GmbH successfully introduced their new product “DIAdem EtherCAT Driver” to the public at the Technology and User Conference VIP 2013 this year. Based on EtherCAT—the fast industrial Ethernet standard—the driver provides a real-time connection between the universal software package DIAdem by National Instruments and diverse EtherCAT hardware devices for measurement, control and analysis. The foundation of the driver is the EtherCAT Master by Kithara Software. This allows simultaneous

Control Software with Real-time EtherCAT

Renk works with time-critical Master of Kithara. Renk Test System GmbH implements the control systems of test rigs using the especially developed control software RDDS. The Augsburg located company Renk Test System GmbH is for more than 25 years known as one of the world's leading supplier of test facilities and test systems, which are used successfully in research, development, production and quality assurance for customers in the automotive, transportation and aircraft

HMI 2010: Kithara presents new Profibus Master

Real-Time extension now supports the Profibus cards of Hilscher The Windows real-time environment »RealTime Suite« of the Berlin company Kithara Software now supports time-critical applications with Profibus, too. Therewith this proved and widely-used fieldbus system can be used in future with Windows in real time. Despite of the undeniable trend to Ethernet-based automation protocols, Profibus is currently the system with the most widely-use and furthermore high growth. However, with Windows it was

Windows 7 as RTOS?

Real-time in the automation The real-time requirements in the automation are growing constantly. Windows in its standard configuration, though, is not sufficient to deliver real-time capabilities. Nevertheless, to use the favorite operating system, Kithara Software--a company specialized in real-time for Windows--now announces the »RealTime Suite« 2010. Especially companies with international orientation prefer Windows as an operating system. But while today's PCs seem to be powerful enough for time-critical applications at a first

Kithara Software supports Hundegger Maschinenbau

The steerings of the company Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH are based on EtherCAT and they use the Realtime- Master from Kithara Software, which proofs itself again as a specialist for realtime-communiaction solutions. More and more industrial enterprises rebuild their control technology and change their conventional field bus systems into innovative realtime-ethernet-solutions like for example EtherCAT. In order to reconvert the system Kithara Software supplies essential function libaries with highly precision time stamps.

Kithara »RealTime Suite« 2009 - Better Than Ever

High-precision timers, real-time Ethernet with TCP/UDP and EtherCAT Master In challenging times are simple-to-use tools beneficial savers of time and money. For about 13 years the company Kithara Software supports system dependent programmers successfully in the creation of industrial applications of all kinds under Windows. The new version of the Kithara »RealTime Suite« 2009 is crammed full of useful tools to realise real-time applications, hardware-dependent driver development and preemptive multi-tasking too, TCP/UDP

Kithara »EtherCAT-Master«

Kithara Software presents its new »EtherCAT-Master«. An intelligent principle of handling allows a comfortable realization of real-time control applications in industrial automation. With the announcement of the »EtherCAT-Master« the company Kithara Software now provides developers with a PC-based real-time Ethernet control solution. Kithara Software concentrates on a significantly simplified handling. This enables developers to realize their individual applications fast and efficiently. So the software allows for example the standardization of automation

Kithara »Packet Toolkit« - Gigabit-Ethernet in Real-Time under Windows

Kithara »Packet Toolkit« extended As a specialist for real-time communication and hardware dependent programming Kithara Software has extended their »Packet Toolkit«. It allows realization of communication solutions which use gigabit Ethernet transfer. The »Packet Toolkit« is a programming tool for developers, who want to realize Ethernet data communication in real-time under Windows. This tool thus can be used successfully in the industrial automation, such as PC-based control or motion drive engineering. Up to

Kithara »Serial Toolkit« - Serial Real-time Communication under Windows for In …

As a specialist for real-time communication and hardware dependent programming Kithara Software provides with the »Serial Toolkit« a versatile tool for serial communication under Windows for developers and system dependent programmers. The »Serial Toolkit« supports programmers in developing communication protocols for serial interfaces of the PC. So it enables complex communication solutions for hardware dependent and time critical applications in the industrial automation process. With the »Serial Toolkit« Kithara again attaches

Kithara »USB Toolkit« - USB Driver Development for Windows Without Kernel-Skil …

The new »USB Toolkit« of the Berlin company Kithara Software enables to fast and convenient development of USB drivers for Windows or to contact other USB hardware. Effortful studying the process of Windows driver development is avoided, because all functions are available from the usual programming environment. Today electronic devices are often external USB devices. To develop a USB driver it is necessary to study kernel programming. This is often very

Kithara »Packet Toolkit« - Real-Time Ethernet Communication under Windows

The Berlin company Kithara Software announces the new »Packet Toolkit«—a tool to realize Ethernet data communication in real-time. The mechanisms are usable very easily, because the compact API of the functions is available from the usual programming environment (C++ or Delphi). In the last years Ethernet as a communication standard has captured, also in industry, huge areas. But especially real-time features, which are often required by industrial applications, are not easily

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