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Photorealism – immersive, interactive and in real-time

No manufacturing company can live without it: Images of products that do not yet exist in reality. The technologies behind this capability are programs like mental mill of mental images® and agencies, which prepare such images with mental mill. ICIDO in partnership with mainworks and mental images go one step further: with the use of next generation GPU rendered shaders in the industry leading virtual reality applications of ICIDO, 3D-data

ICIDO, provider of virtual reality solutions, convinced several US market leader …

Chicago, 2008 March 3rd: In the worldwide 50 million virtual reality market ICIDO ( is not only the pioneer but also the market leader with its software solutions for virtual prototyping and virtual engineering. In the US market ICIDO has plenty of the Top 50 companies as its customers, like Ford, Boeing and one of the largest heavy equipment manufactures. Virtual product development and Virtual Reality methods are increasingly being adopted

Achieving best in class visual quality and performance in virtual engineering - …

Better realism, visual quality and rendering performance in immersive and interactive scenarios are the advantages of ICIDO’s integration of NVIDIA’s latest scenegraph release. ICIDO is one of the first vendors worldwide to implement NVIDIA’s NVSG in its version 5. Through close cooperation, both development teams have used NVIDIA NVSG’s capabilities for immersive and interactive visualization. The NVSG renderer is NVIDIA’s solution for more realistic real-time and high-performance rendering. ICIDO fully

ICIDO Summit 2008 – Ideas for virtual collaboration

Stuttgart, 11.07.2008 - The ICIDO Summit ranks amongst the leading events devoted to application-oriented virtual reality in Europe. This year, the conference, which is being held from 25 to 26 September in the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart, focuses mainly on virtual cooperation. With the slogan “Get together. Eye and decide.” an international programme with illustrious speakers from all over Europe and USA, including Joe Barkai of IDC as keynote speaker,

Call for Papers: Virtual Reality in Practice

Stuttgart, 11.07.2008 - The ICIDO Summit provides a forum for users of virtual reality solutions where they can present particularly innovative or original approaches to a broad specialist audience. This year the conference is being held from 25 to 26 September in the Millennium Hotel in Stuttgart. Anyone wishing to make a contribution is invited to submit their proposed topic by 15 August. Over the past few years, the ICIDO Summit

Call for papers: Practical applications and experience in the use of virtual rea …

Stuttgart, 06.06.2007 - In the past years, the ICIDO Summit, which will be taking place on 27/28 September this year, has evolved towards becoming one of the leading international events on the subject of virtual reality. ICIDO calls on all users of virtual reality solutions to actively contribute to further propagation of the topic in the economy and to submit and present their thoughts on benefits and applications, and also

German Software Provider ICIDO beats any other commercial provider at IOWA State …

Stuttgart, Ames (IOWA), 10.05.2007 - On April 26 IOWA State University has unveiled the most realistic virtual reality room in the world. Iowa State\'s new C6 now projects more than twice the resolution produced by any other virtual reality room in the world. It also pro-jects 16 times the pixels produced by the original C6. The April 26 demonstra-tion of the higher speeds, better pictures and improved realism in C6

Easy from the very beginning – the ICIDO entry-level package for visual decisi …

ICIDO presents a complete and convenient entry into the world of visual decision-making. With IDO:Explore VDP, which is now being presented, ICIDO bundles a large number of previously separate and isolated applications into one complete application platform for decision-making based on virtual reality. Thus, in combination with the standardised hardware, for the first time ever a fully-fledged complete offering is being launched on the market at an entry-level price of

ICIDO is supplying technology for a highly modern virtual reality laboratory at …

Dresden Technical University is currently inaugurating one of the most modern virtual reality installations in Germany. This installation which, for European standards, is a pioneering system, is based on the Visual Decision Platform (VDP) of the Stuttgart-based company ICIDO. Last year, one of the most modern centres for virtual reality in research and application came into being at the chair for design technology/CAD of Dresden Technical University\'s mechanical engineering

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