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Morgellons Video "Star" First Shared Her Story of Triumph, Now Counsels Other Su …

Thousands have watched Connie's video, telling about her story of triumph against Morgellons on YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, (EwwTube), and several other video sites. She was very excited about the response to her video, stating "I have been symptom-free for six months from a disease known as Morgellons. My experience and my story met with success and my return to a healthy, normal lifestyle after more than a

Morgellons Alert: MD Discovers "Effective Therapy" for Morgellons Syndrome

In an open letter to the Morgellons Community, Dr. Matthews states that he has preliminary data that indicates that a special suspension of Ionized, Colloidal Silver in distilled water, (also known as \"clustered silver\"), \"is an effective therapy for some of the symptoms in some of the patients suffering with Morgellons Syndrome, and endorse trials of its use for this mysterious condition.\" After being exposed to his first Morgellons victim about

Retired Elementary School Teacher Locked Up in the Nut House For Having Morgello …

After 20 Years of Symptoms and a Court Ordered 4 Week Stay in a Psychiatric Ward, This Morgellons Sufferer is Now Nearly Symptom-Free, and Wants to Share Her Story Marlene Gregor is a gentle, kind woman who has suffered from a disease called Morgellons, tells here story of how her family felt it best for her to have onsite psychiatric care because she was complaining of “bugs biting and scratching me”. Founder Makes Live Radio Appearance on the “The Richard Syr …

Founder of, an On-Line Community dedicated to the support of Morgellons Sufferers, Jeff Sohler, will appear on the live radio broadcast of "The Richard Syrett Show - MYSTERIOUS MORGELLONS DISEASE" on Thursday March 8th, at 11pm EST, on Newstalk 1010 CFRB Toronto. The show will also be simulcast to the world on the Internet, with links from either or . Toronto, Canada - March 8th, 2007 Richard Syrett has

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