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UK Energy Saving’s New Utilities Marketplace Includes Environmental Informatio …

With gas and electricity prices continuing to rise, there has never been a better time to think about switching utilities’ providers in order to get the best deal, so the launch of UK Energy Saving’s new energy switch marketplace is certainly well timed. There is more to their new marketplace, however, than just getting a good price, with the environment, as always, at the top of the list of

UK Energy Saving Launches New Newsletter

Consumer website, UK Energy Saving ( will shortly be distributing their new electronic newsletter, aimed at those interested in finding out more about energy saving and related topics. UK Energy Saving has gone from strength to strength since its launch in 2006, and the new newsletter will help keep subscribers focussed on different areas of the green living topics covered on the website. The first issue of the electronic newsletter,

Npower Price Hikes Provide another Good Reason to Use Renewable Energy

UK Energy Saving has responded to today’s announcement about price rises from Npower with calls to consumers to consider using renewable energy sources. Npower, the UK’s fourth largest gas and electricity supplier, announced on 4th January 2008 that they would be increasing their gas and electricity prices by 17.2% and 12.7% respectively with effect from Saturday 5th January 2008. Their competitors are expected to follow suit shortly with

UK Energy Saving Looks Back Over a Year of Change in the Lives of Free Plastic B …

Earlier this month all 33 London Councils voted for legislation to prevent the free distribution of plastic bags in the city, a decision which comes towards the end of a year of significant change for shopping as we know it. In recent years it has become the expected norm to receive plastic bags free of charge whether in the supermarket, on the high street or at the local corner

UK Energy Saving Consider the Environmental Benefits of Broadband

Broadband connections are becoming more and more the norm, not only in the business world but also in the home. This is, of course, largely driven by the fact that prices for this type of high-speed connection are becoming increasingly affordable, but broadband also fits in well with the fast-paced lifestyles of today. Clearly, broadband brings with it a wealth of benefits for the individual user, but UK

UK Energy Saving Green Award Nomination is Great Start to their Second Year

It is over twelve months since the consumer website UK Energy Saving was launched and the site’s recent nomination for a Green England Green Award has come at the start of what will hopefully prove to be an equally exciting second year. was designed to be an extensive consumer resource on energy saving and related topics, and the breadth of subjects covered has increased as the year has

UK Energy Saving Comments on the Outcome of the Soil Association Air Freight Con …

The Soil Association have today, 25th October 2007, announced the outcome¹ of their consultation into whether air freighted organic produce should continue to be classified as organic. The four month consultation has resulted in the Soil Association declaring their intention to insist that organic producers which use air freight must adhere to either their own Ethical Trading or the Fairtrade Foundation standards. In addition, producers will be expected

UK Energy Saving Promotes Organic Produce as Harvest Festival Season Approaches

September is traditionally the month when harvest festival services are held in schools and churches around the UK, a long-standing tradition during which we celebrate the year’s harvest. As this time of year approaches, UK Energy Saving has been thinking about organic food, which is becoming an increasing part of the UK ‘harvest’. Organic produce is just one of the areas covered on the UK Energy Saving website,, with

UK Energy Saving Helps You to Plan for a New Eco-Friendly Academic Year

It never really seemed to start, but all of a sudden the end of the summer is just around the corner with another academic year ready to start in a few short weeks. UK Energy Saving has therefore been thinking about how students and all those working in the educational sector could start the coming term in an eco-friendly manner. The consumer website,, covers all aspects of

UK Energy Saving Joins Forces with New Utilities Marketplace Provider

UK Energy Saving has teamed up with a new utilities marketplace provider in a move towards offering their visitors more information on the green credentials of energy suppliers. The consumer website,, focuses on energy saving and renewable energy, but recognises that, in today’s modern society, many still require at least some of their electricity from the national grid as well as a gas supply. The reasoning behind

UK Energy Saving Comments on Air Freighted Organic Food

Air freighted organic food has been the cause of much discussion in recent weeks with environmental groups such as Greenpeace calling for produce flown into the UK to be stripped of its organic status. This comes at a time of heightened awareness into the high levels of carbon emissions from aircraft and the Soil Association is currently conducting a consultation into this issue. UK Energy Saving has submitted

UK Energy Saving Urges Councils to Offer More Tetra Pak Recycling Facilities

Recycling collections differ across the country with some local authorities offering a much greater range of services than others. It has come to the attention of UK Energy Saving, however, that Tetra Pak recycling is severely lacking on a nationwide basis, with only a few areas offering collection services. Other areas offer recycling banks, but many more provide no recycling facilities for these cartons whatsoever. The UK Energy Saving


UK Energy Saving has posted a number of articles on its Blog,, in recent months regarding the environmental policies and initiatives of high street stores, and has now added details of a recent survey used by the BBC for their Money Programme on 28th June. The survey heralded the Co-op as the ‘greenest’ high street retailer following analysis of their carbon emissions, waste, food miles and ethical sourcing.


As the summer months approach, is promoting sustainable travel for all those enjoying some leisure time. Whilst in no way wishing to but a damper on anyone’s much-earned break, UK Energy Saving simply advocates a sustainable approach to travel which takes into consideration the holiday’s environmental impact. People’s holiday plans vary from relaxing in the garden to day trips from home and from a train ride within


The Energy Watch page of the UK Energy Saving website has been updated with some springtime tips. The Energy Watch page,, is updated regularly with seasonal or topical information on energy saving and related topics, and the latest information looks at how to stay environmentally friendly when out in the garden over the coming months. Thanks to the recent good weather enjoyed in the UK, avid gardeners across the


With spring on the way and therefore the annual rise in the number of house sales, UK Energy Saving has published their Homebuyer’s Energy Efficiency Checklist on their website, Finding and buying a new home can be a stressful time, but it is worth considering energy efficiency when making a move as this could save buyers money in the long run. The UK Energy Saving Homebuyer’s Energy

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