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Keeeb adds former co-founder and CTO of leading cognitive search provider Attivi …

The New York enterprise intelligence company Keeeb reinforces its technical leadership with the addition of Sid Probstein, former co-founder and CTO of the leading cognitive search provider Attivio and former VP Technology of FAST Search & Transfer (acquired by Microsoft in 2017). As new CTO Probstein will lead Keeeb's global software development team and drive the next generations of the unique platform that unleashes enterprise intelligence. Probstein delivered the first four

Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform now with single sign-on

Log in once and then be immediately logged in to all accounts – the use of the Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform becomes much easier with the new single sign-on. Clients such as consultancies, market research companies, and agencies will benefit most from this new feature. As a rule, these organizations have separate accounts for each of their customers with which they search, structured collect, appealingly curate, and efficiently share information

Improved OCR engine makes Keeebs Enterprise Intelligence Platform even more inte …

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform now has an improved OCR recognition. With the new deep learning based optical character recognition (OCR) documents can be read much better. Here, both metatexts of images and screenshots are included as well as the content of PDFs. The deep learning extended OCR engine thus significantly increases the quality of the search results. This has a positive effect on the entire process Keeeb optimizes with its

Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform now also available for Bing

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform now also enhances the search engine Bing. The default search engine of the browsers Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer is in second place for American users. Reason enough for Keeeb to make its intelligent solution for finding, curating, creating, and collaborating knowledge Bing-capable. So far Keeeb offered the search function of the browser extension of its Enterprise Intelligence Platform only for the search engine industry leader

B2B Media Summit 2019: Keeeb convinces with publisher use case of its Enterprise …

Keeeb’s premiere at the "B2B Media Summit" for publishers in Berlin was more than merely successful: Numerous specialist media representatives listened with great interest to the presentation of Keeeb founder Konrad Gulla about solving the »Google problem«. After the presentation, a large part of the audience wanted to find out more about how Keeeb can help them solving a problem affecting the entire publishing industry: that more and more consumers

Keeeb at B2B Media Summit 2019: Presentation about the solution of the "Google p …

For the first time Keeeb is represented at the "B2B Media Summit" for publishers in Berlin, Germany – the highlight event of the B2B specialist media industry. On May 23rd at 14:45 Keeeb founder Konrad Gulla will talk about a topic weighing on the minds of publishers: the solution of the "Google problem". In his 45-minutes long presentation he will demonstrate how publishers can make a virtue of the necessity

Growing demand for Enterprise Intelligence Platform – Keeeb expands its US tea …

More and more internationally operating corporations are interested in Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform enabling one continuous workflow for finding, curating, and collaborating knowledge. Keeeb responds to this increasing demand by expanding its team is the US. There, the company enlarges its product management and marketing: By recruiting David Corbett, Keeeb has secured a versed and experienced Director of Product Management. In this position he is responsible for the comprehensive product

Keeeb releases Enterprise Intelligence Platform 3.0

Keeeb, the market leading innovator of Enterprise Intelligence technology, is pleased to announce version 3.0 of its enterprise-level PaaS solution, designed to accelerate the creation and flow of information within companies and enable them to deliver unprecedented value to their customers. The Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform (Enterprise IP) provides knowledge workers with seamless access to previously disconnected information. By connecting all available data sources and empowering people to discover, curate, create,

Keeeb even more user-friendly

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform has a new export feature: From now on (re)search results from the web can be easily saved locally. The new export function allows providing fast and presentable results also offline. Another advantage entails the improved Suggestion Mode of the Enterprise Intelligence Platform: Thanks to simultaneous searches in the connected data sources, users get their automated search results much faster. Analyst firms, consultancies, research companies as well

Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform 30 percent faster: Notably higher sea …

Finding company knowledge simply with every Google search – now much faster with Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform: Thanks to an optimization of the query engine as well as simultaneous searches in the connected data sources Keeeb has improved the speed of its recently awarded solution by 30 percent. The result for users: finding information even faster. This not only increases motivation at work, but also positively affects the efficiency and

Every day employees spend two hours searching for data – solve it with Keeeb

According to a recent study of Veritas employees spend two hours every day with searching for needed data. The consequence: less efficiency and productivity. How to solve this problem? Surely with the help of smart data management or appropriate data maintenance, as the study reveals. Those who want to take countermeasures immediately, should make use of Keeeb: Thanks to various interfaces to data sources such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Office 365,

Winner! Keeeb takes silver medal at IT-INNOVATION Summit 2019

With its Enterprise Intelligence Platform Keeeb convinced everyone at this year’s IT-INNOVATION Summit in Germany: In the category "Business & Consumer" Keeeb won the second prize with its "personal Google for everyone". Maximilian Kirst, Business Development Manager at Keeeb, presented his five-minute pitch in front of a top-class jury and a broad professional audience of decision-makers and is pleased with the success: "This high ranking proofs again that we and our

New "edit mode" of Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform saves clicks and t …

Keeeb‘s Enterprise Intelligence Platform makes it possible: With a simple Google search employees are also able to find company-internal results quickly – for example from Salesforce, Office 365, Box, SharePoint, or Confluence. Beyond finding internal and external information, Keeeb can do much more: The solution additionally allows to save search results in a structured way and edit them intuitively within seconds. With the new "edit mode" this task gets much easier:

Keeeb Enterprise Intelligence Platform now with notably simplified login

Keeeb makes "personal Google" even more user-friendly Good news for companies and its employees counting on Keeeb’s Enterprise Intelligence Platform for their every day’s online research: As of now Keeeb offers a notably simplified login making the permanent login and logout per client account being a thing of the past. The advantage is a substantially more comfortable experience working with the intelligent solution of Keeeb: "Searching on the web and just switching

Keeeb’s focus mode simplifies information research by automatically categorizi …

The feature focus mode of Keeeb‘s new Enterprise Intelligence Platform enables users to entirely focus on relevant information at extensive and advertising littered websites. Intelligently the feature focus mode identifies and filters unwanted content like advertisements and simultaneously categorizes relevant information by content type. Depending on the research objectives, relevant information can be found faster and easier. While e.g. research companies especially search for statistics in textual form, design agencies primarily

Keeeb selected for IT-INNOVATION Summit 2019

For the sixth time the jury of the IT-INNOVATION Summit invites innovative companies of the IT industry to present their innovations. This year the enterprise intelligence company Keeeb is selected to introduce its new solution. The IT-INNOVATION Summit provides an exclusive platform for visionaries, pioneers, and future-shapers of the IT industry. In the course of this, selected companies of the IT industry get the chance to present their innovations in front

Keeeb integrates Discovery and Collections in new Enterprise Intelligence Platfo …

Keeeb integrates its stand-alone products Discovery and Collections in a new, unified Enterprise Intelligence Platform and therewith enables organizations for the first time to establish one continuous workflow for finding, curating, and collaborating knowledge without the need to move existing data or change user behavior. Although knowledge is known as central factor of success of organizations, employees waste 30% of their time with searching for or recreating information that already exists

Keeeb on the relevance of user-centric product development for publishers at B2B …

On May 22nd to 23rd this year decision-makers of professional media meet each other again at the B2B Media Summit in Berlin, one of the largest B2B media conferences in the European area. Next to well-known national and international speakers, Keeeb founder and Chief Visionary Konrad Gulla will also give a talk about current developments in the industry and especially the relevance of user-centric product development for publishers. Search engines like

Keeeb at "Moonshots for Europe" in Davos

In the course of this years’ World Economic Forum in Davos Keeeb participated at the exclusive event “Moonshots for Europe” of the technology institute Futur/io. Moonshots are exponential technologies poised to foster disruptive change in our society and shape the future for a better tomorrow. While America and China have lots of visions for moonshots and provide appropriate venture capital, Europe threatens to lose touch. With its technologies, skills, and minds

Paving the way for the future: Keeeb appoints Paul Maguire and Myles T. Trachten …

The New York- and Hamburg-based Enterprise Intelligence company Keeeb reinforces its top-level management. As of now, Paul Maguire and Myles T. Trachtenberg strengthen the company as new acting CEO and CTO. Former CEO Konrad Gulla assumes the role of founder, Chief Visionary, and spokesperson of Keeeb. He will analyze and evaluate current and future needs as well as potential innovations that will better serve customers and helps to build and

Stay on top of your projects: Always automatically up-to-date with the news feed …

For 59% of teams communication represents the biggest obstacle to success for their projects (Atlassian). In case of big or parallel running projects it is only hardly possible to stay on top of all changes and progresses. A lack of communication then finally results in team members not being up-to-date and doubling the work being done. The news feed of Keeeb Collections enables you to stay always automatically on top

Keep your team always up-to-date automatically and intelligently – Communicati …

Good teams work together in intelligent and structured ways of communication. In practice, individual team members communicate via various systems (e.g. chat or email) resulting in valuable information not reaching the full team and being widely scattered across different systems. With Keeeb Collections the communication and collaboration in teams is like shooting fish in a barrel by communicating directly where information is stored. With the help of integrated communication channels linked

So long email ping-pong: Share internal information easily and efficiently with …

Sharing internal company information with external users (e.g. between companies and customers) usually results in endless back and forth of emails with again and again new adjustments. Afterwards, the right information can only hardly be found in email histories filling pages and countless file versions. Solve this problem by sharing internal information externally from now on with just one click – with Keeeb Collections. The platform for content curation and collaboration

Outdo the Fortune 500: Spread your knowledge within your organization with only …

Every year the Fortune 500 lose about 31.5 billion dollars because they fail to share knowledge expediently within their company (Babcock, 2004). With Keeeb Collections you can share existing knowledge easily and efficiently within your organization and make it so directly accessible for every employee. The platform for content curation and collaboration simplifies sharing information within companies by enabling publishing content company-wide with just one click. In general, users can differentiate

Keeeb on "knowledge management as significant factor of success" – Business In …

As one of 60 selected expert speakers Keeeb was part of this year’s Business Information & Media Summit. More than 350 business information leaders met in Florida to discuss the pioneering challenges and chances in the area of business information. In its speech about "Enterprise Intelligence" Keeeb founder Konrad Gulla highlighted the importance of knowledge management for organizations and demonstrated which serious risks and consequences can results from insufficient knowledge management

Keeeb at Digital Summit 2018

At this year’s Digital Summit of the “Buendnis fuer Bildung” (BfB) Keeeb contributed to prioritizing and further developing groundbreaking digital topics of the educational sector for driving IT-supported teaching and learning environments forward and making the chances of digitalization for everyone usable. In debates and talks national as well as international representatives of the entire educational landscape discussed the central issues and exchanged their viewpoints of current topics for defining the

With these new features you will find what you are searching for faster

Next week Keeeb will roll out the new user interface for Keeeb Discovery. Next to an optimized design and a more intuitive user navigation the update will also contain practical new features. Especially the extended search results page entails new functions allowing a significantly more specific refinement of search results. You are looking for the latest presentation on the subject blockchain in Salesforce, SharePoint, and Confluence? Then just select according to

Keeeb Collections now with new user interface

The new user interface of the content curation platform Keeeb Collections is available now. As announced, the update impresses with its optimized design, a more intuitive navigation, and new features. In all, Keeeb Collections comes along with four new functionalities. Thanks to the new list view it is possible to display all content in a clear list format helping you always to keep the overview of especially more extensive projects. The

Keeeb and German institute for education "Buendnis fuer Bildung" for digitalizat …

The Hamburg-based technology company Keeeb joins the German institute for education "Buendnis fuer Bildung". In doing so, Keeeb will actively participate in developing approaches for digitalization issues for the education sector driving IT-supported teaching and learning environments forward and making the chances of digitalization for everyone usable. “Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and […] intuitive.” – European leader of IBM’s digital cities Founded in

Salesforce in the Google search: Keeeb launches Salesforce API for Discovery

Announced a few weeks ago, now available: Keeeb brings the Salesforce interface to the market. Therewith, the company expands the API range of its product Discovery For Enterprise by one of the leading players in the cloud computing market. Today, companies resemble an internet without a search engine. Valuable information is hidden under massive amounts of data and results in unused employee knowledge and external searching for already existing information –

Box goes Google: Box files where you search anyway – with Keeeb Discovery

After integrating leading data systems such as SharePoint, Office 365, and Confluence Keeeb Discovery now launches the interface to the repeatedly Gartner-rewarded cloud content provider Box. Today, valuable information within companies is often hidden under massive amounts of data. This results in unused employee knowledge and external searching for already existing information – on Google. Keeeb takes this user behavior up by presenting the internal knowledge of companies directly in the

Keeeb Discovery for Edge now available in the Microsoft Store

Apart from the web browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Discovery For Enterprise is now available for Microsoft’s browser Edge and directly accessible in the Microsoft Store. Thereby, Keeeb now serves with its intelligent browser extension the most used web browsers in the world. With Discovery information and knowledge is brought directly to the user in an intuitive way, so that the user does not have to adapt to a new

Keeeb Discovery now multi-tenant for resellers and organizations with partner an …

With the multi-tenancy feature Keeeb allows for example resellers and organizations with department, partner, or branch structures to simultaneously manage multiple tenants in the same software system. The central advantages are the guarantee of high security standards, the higher cost effectiveness, and the lower memory as well as installation and maintenance requirements. “Keeeb is the perfect tool to make our knowledge and information management more efficient and create a more intuitive

Finding information without having to search for it – with Keeeb “Suggestion …

Keeeb launches the new Discovery module Suggestions and declares the manual search process to be superfluous. At the touch of a button, Suggestions analyzes the current information source and, on this basis, recommends further relevant information to the user. The module is available as add-on for the product Discovery and enables analyzing the current information source automatically with just one click. Within fractions of a second, Discovery displays all of the

You search, Keeeb finds: “Expert View” – find your companies experts based …

Keeeb refines its product Discovery For Enterprise with the intelligent module Expert View. The module allows searching on Google as usual and then automatically finds, apart from internal search results of your company data systems, appropriate experts within your organization. Therewith Keeeb solves the problem of anonymity in medium-sized to large companies and drives networking and collaboration between employees. Currently the module Expert View is available as basic version. This version

Automated knowledge discovery: Finding content-related knowledge at the touch of …

Everyday knowledge platforms such as Wikipedia are visited more than 177 million times, news websites like more than 17 million times, and online magazines such as more than 5 million times (June 2018, SimiliarWeb). Is the chosen article read through, users usually search for further information about that topic afterwards. This search is often very cumbersome and additionally connected to a large expenditure of time. From now, algorithms take

Keeeb announces new connector: Salesforce data becoming available in Discovery F …

After recently launching Office 365 as interface, Keeeb already announces another new connector: Cloud giant Salesforce will soon be available as data interface for the enterprise intelligence solution Discovery soon. Today, companies resemble an internet without a search engine: Valuable information is only accessible with extra effort. Consequently, the knowledge of employees remains unused and It is no longer searched internally, but only externally – on Google. Keeeb takes this user behavior

Finding hidden experts in your company – with Discovery For Enterprise

When companies exceed a headcount of 50, it often gets cluttered and the level of anonymity between colleagues increases. In many cases people then only know colleagues within their own circle usually dealing with similar topics as themselves. But when they need specialist competence of a different topic, googling is mostly easier and faster for getting the right answers than asking through various departments or searching through the intranet. The innovative

Bronze medal for Keeeb at IT-INNOVATION Summit 2018

For the fifth time the IT-INNOVATION Summit toke place in Munich. Selected companies of the IT industry got the chance to present their innovations in front of a top-class jury and a broad professional audience. With its innovative enterprise intelligence solution Discovery, the Hamburg-based tech company Keeeb achieved the third place in the category business. The jury considers Discovery as an innovative, intuitive knowledge management approach for companies, which adopts to

Surface content from SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange where your employees sea …

With its innovative technology, Keeeb allows searching, finding, and displaying content from SharePoint, OneDrive, and Exchange (Outlook) directly next to Google’s search results. Today, companies resemble an internet without a search engine. The knowledge of experts often remains unused and valuable information is only accessible with extra effort. The product "Discovery" from Keeeb presents your internal knowledge where your employees are searching – on Google. For every search request, Discovery serves results

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