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Press Releases from Renice Technology Co., Ltd. (12 total)

Renice 6U VPX High Performance Computing Blade R6VPX-SE2648-C1I1

Renice released Intel XEON E5 V4 processor based rugged 6U VPX High Performance Computing Blade in May 2019, it is industrial standard (operation: -40℃ to +55℃) HPC solution, with 4x Gigabit Ethernet ports, 2x 40GbE Ethernet ports, 2x RapidIO ports. For more technical information, please contact us freely. Renice, a high performance embedded storage and computing solution provider 7/2F, CYG Port, GaoXin Middle 1st Road, NanShan District, 518057, ShenZhen, China Phone

Renice 32TB 6U Open VPX storage card

Renice release their high capacity 6U OpenVPX storage solution, up to 32TB, option for 8TB, 16TB. Supported NVMe/PCIe/SATA transport protocols, with wide operation temperature, from -40℃ to +85℃. Renice, your reliable industrial memory storage solution provider. 7/2F, CYG Port, GaoXin Middle 1st Road, NanShan District, 518057, ShenZhen, China

Renice Industrial grade 1.8 inch microSATA SSD

Renice X5A 1.8” micro-SATA SSD is a high capacity SSD solution devices extremely high performance up to 520MB/s read and 440MB/s write through the SATAIII 6.0 Gbps interface. The X5A is ideal for a variety of applications, including enterprise solutions where data throughput needs to be high, as well as industrial and military installations where the potential for high shock and vibration conditions exist. X5A series SSD carries up to

Renice industrial mSATA Solid State Drive

Renice X5A mSATA SSD complies with JEDEC MO-300B standard, it delivers extremely high performance up to 520MB/S read and 440MB/S write through the SATAIII 6.0Gbps interface. X5A mSATA SSD positioned at bigger capacity solution with supporting extended operating temperature, Power Failure Protection, could satisfy the high-performance and special functions requirements from the compact space design applications in embedded systems, industrial and military field. Renice, is an industrial SSD manufacturer, your

Renice 16TB Rugged OpenVPX SSD storage device

Renice release their high-end 3U OpenVPX SSD storage device recently, higher capacity up to 16TB, supporting SATA/NVMe/SRIO protocol. Renice, a professional industrial SSD solution provider. Room 1101, Block B2, KeXing Science Park, No. 15 KeYuan Rd, Central Zone, NanShan High-Tech Park

Renice Industrial grade MIL-STD 2.5" PATA IDE Solid State drive

Though IDE interface SSD is kind of very old version hard disk, even its read/write performance is not fast enough, there are still many embedded computing systems where use IDE interface SSD, especially in military and Aircraft industry. Renice Technology company put effort in developing IDE SSD, they releases new IDE SSD solution in 2017, named "H1 series", it's industrial grade (wide temperature, -40℃ to +85℃) with Hyperstone F9 controller,

Renice Industrial Grade CFast 2.0 memory card

Renice releases their industrial grade CFast 2.0 card in April 2018, it is a compact storage card with SATAIII 6.0Gb/s interface, with the CFast 2.0 standard and ATA protocol, offering high performance, reliability and low power consumption to next generation embedded devices. Its maximum Read/Write speed up to 520/440 MB/s, maximum capacity up to 512GB (MLC), features with Power Failure Protection and Over Voltage Protection, optional functions including Hardware Write

Renice Rugged 3U 8TB LRMs storage module

Conforming to the reliability design guidelines for military aircraft, Renice 3U LRMs storage module, max. capacity up to 8TB (MLC), is suitable for military aircraft. It uses Renice self-developed control chip SSD drive, to provide block-level file storage and retrieval services through the SAS interface. It has abnormal power-down data protection function and physical self-destruction and logic self-destruction function. The entire storage module adopts wide temperature design and super-strong LDPC+BCH mixed

Renice High-end industrial grade Compact Flash Card

Renice H1 PLUS CompactFlash card adopts German Hyperstone controller solution, as know that Hyperstone controller highlights stability in harsh environment applications. Its max sequential data Read/Write speed up to 95MB/75MB/s, and with incredible 4K Read/Write performance (e.g: 16GB SLC, 4K R/W speed is 10.17MB/3.54MB/s), its max capacity can up to 512GB. Support hardware 96-Bit /1KB BCH ECC error correction and AES128 and AES256 support with CBC and XTS modes, high

Renice Industrial USB3.0 eUSB DOM Disk on Module

Shenzhen, China – Jul 10, 2018 - Renice release their industrial grade USB3.0 Disk on Module (EUSB DOM) in 2017, it’s a high reliability storage solutions designed for rugged computers, system disk of Disk Array, embedded computer, robots etc. Renice’s USB3.0 DOM is compatible USB2.0 and USB1.1, maximum capacity up to 256GB, with max. Read/Write speed up to 200MB/150MB/s, and supporting Full-Speed, Hi-Speed and SuperSpeed 5Gbps transmissions. It can support Massive,

Renice Rugged 2,5 "SSD-Speichergerät mit speziellem SATA-Anschluss

Aerospace- und Defense-Storage-Anwendungen erfordern höchste Zuverlässigkeit und werden oft in rauen Umgebungen eingesetzt. Die in diesen Anwendungen eingesetzten Flash-Speicher müssen daher bei extremen Temperaturen und hohen mechanischen Schock- und Vibrationsbelastungen einwandfrei funktionieren. Allerdings, SATA Gold Finger Connector kann nicht auf diese Herausforderung gerecht zu werden, warum Renice SSD-Laufwerke vorschlagen, benötigen robuste SATA-Anschluss. Wie bekannt ist, nimmt der Goldfinger flache Struktur, Stecker und Buchsenkontakt durch das Flugzeug, unvermeidlich wird es kurzzeitig schlechte

Renice industrial grade 4TB 3U Open VPX SSD storage device

Rencie released their rugged 4TB 3U Open VPX interface SATA-based storage device in 2017, it’s a high reliability storage solutions designed for real-time signal acquisition, processing, storage and playback for complex embedded systems such as satellite navigation and communications, radar, aircraft, ships, weapons, vehicles etc.. Renice's 3U Open VPX storage device adopts self-developed SATA6Gb RS3502-IT controller, with dual SATA channels (single channel speed up to 500MB/420MB), super stable writing performance, built-in

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