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Nvestox manages Covid19 threat with vigour

August 27th, 2020/Manama - Nvestox management had already staggered a ‘loop-work’ environment within their key teams trading all major global exchanges, so their unbroken 24/7 work ethic remains consistent. Last week mandatory face shields were given out to every member of staff, overriding personal material masks as a preference. “Facial Communication across the trading floor is a key to an efficient execution service, clear visors were the way forward” Nvestox CEO

Nvestox in New York after 16 years in the business

Director of Operations and Discretionary accounts Mr. Robert Chandler, who has been centric in the build-up process, said yesterday on super Tuesday "This is also a super Tuesday for Nvestox" as the 'x' in 'Nvestox' was lastly attached to the foyer wall overhead the spacious reception area. "Our mission continues with expansion into territories with ambition and advancement. I look forward to finally handing over the keys to our NY

Nvestox now offers Toll-free calls to clients worldwide

Ahead of their expansion plans in to the US next year, Nvestox has upgraded their telephony to include toll-free calling in, worldwide. A Universal International Free phone Number (UIFN) will also compliment their dedicated single country toll-free system, the call is free for the caller, and Nvestox pays the charges. Universal International Free phone Service is an international service, assigned the country code 800 by the International Telecommunication Union. The intention

Nvestox Bahrain, heading forward an exciting 2020 in New York

Nvestox expanding global reach continues this year with preparation of their Lower Manhattan arm of Wall Street, NY due to open in Q1 2020 as part of their exponential global push, according to its CEO and founder Mr. Mansour Bolous. Nvestox has been successfully operating in Bahrain since 2004. Their new North America division will mirror the services of their Manama based headquarters, with its main focus servicing their North American &

Nvestox, industry pioneer for innovation launches new App

July 24th, 2018/Manama – Nvestox, industry pioneer in investment market technology launches dedicated App for Smartphone’s for their corporate clients. Nvestox recognised the need for their high net-worth busy corporate clients who want to keep a real-time overview of their positions, encompassing funds, stocks, bond movements and dividends, and giving an immediate spot portfolio value while on the move. Nvestox developers have launched a dedicated App bespoke for Nvestox corporate clients,

Nvestox improves server data privacy for clients with AES

With new data protection laws now in effect across European Union, Nvestox have spearheaded their client privacy with AES upgrade. Nvestox have improved server privacy by upgrading to AES encryption technology. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is a symmetric encryption algorithm and one of the most secure. The United States Government uses it to protect classified information, and many software and hardware products use it as well. This method uses

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