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Optimize your adserver performance – Introducing the Header Bidder Adapter (Pr …

Launched by Revive Adservermod, Header Bidder Adapter (Prebid.js) opens up your inventory to best ad exchanges and DSPs. Enhance your CRM by integrating Header Bidder Adapter (Prebid.js) with your Header Bidding set-up. It is now simple to find a suitable advertiser to place bids on publisher inventory. The plugin plays a vital role in acting as a carrier for demand-side and as soon as it is added to the

DJAXs Solution for Advertisers

DJAX Ad Server offer unified programmatic solutions especially for the advertisers to increase their revenue in all the format and channels. Advertisers can seamlessly integrate rich media ads such as mobile ads, video ads and display ads among a few others. The common problem faced by the advertisers is not getting enough impressions in a short period of time and their all-time challenge is to reach the potential customers and

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