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Cristina Rusiecki’s latest publication about Romanian mega theatre director, R …

Theater directors are not rock stars. They do not have legions of admirers who hunt and beg for an autograph. The only one exception in Romania, with genuine fans is Radu Afrim. His name is enough to attract the audience into the theatre halls. No matter what he puts on stage, his audience is enormous. When his performances come to Capital, rooms are filled, the doors of the Odeon (theater

Games go on - Babi Jar 1941, 2012

Kurt Fleckenstein with video during Football European Champion League in Kiev, Wroclaw und Berlin By the end of June the Soccer fever in Europe will be at the highest point; big and large screens will meet the crowds and turn around national flags. Meanwhile, during European Champion League there will be a special form of football public viewing in Kiev, Wroclaw, and also in Berlin. Video, which in its own way

The Romanian Academy in Rome between Tradition and Vanguard

(by Andrea Solea) Between 27th of May and 11th of June, the Romanian Academy in Rome presented the 7th edition of Spazi Aperti re:making worlds. As the title suggests, the event brought together different stylistic elements: video, installation, performance, painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, music, dance, which wavered between the realm of reality and fantasy, between time past and time present, bearer in this way of the philosophical concepts of Eliot. The

Romania Resurgent: The 19th 'George Enescu’ International Festival and Competi …

Bucharest, 30th August – 26th September 2009 ‘The mighty Salzburg Festival now has a rival’ – The Guardian Doors previously closed to the world were swiftly unbarred following the Romanian Revolution almost two decades ago. One of Central Europe’s great cultural centres, Bucharest, certainly gained a new lease on life. The city’s ‘George Enescu’ International Festival and Competition became a leading player in Romania’s resurgence in the years following the

St Petersburg, Russia, Museum of Nonconformist Art presents German Artist Flecke …

Museum of Nonconformist Art: “New Way of Life” by German artist Kurt Fleckenstein May, 23 - June, 21, 2009 / opening May 23 at 4pm The exhibition project by a prominent German artist Kurt Fleckenstein represents a conceptual exploration of the modern people’s lifestyle. The author intentionally calls it “New Way of Life”, meaning the fall of the “Iron curtain” followed by capitalism thoroughly gaining the eastern part of Northern Europe

Romania’s contemporary stage - a continous transition or a kind of green pigle …

(by Alexandru Petrovici) Performers and the producers whose plays were presented during the 18th edition of the National Festival of Theater 2008 seemed to surpassed the complex of provinciality typical for the art movement from the 60’s and 70’s: „Agammemonon is killed by his wife with a hair dryer, Macbeth and Benko are kissing on the stage, while modern plays like Sickness of Family M by Paravadino were played on

Kurt Fleckenstein at the Performance Intermedia Festival in Szczecin, PL

After the initial stage of live art and performance festival, starting from the fifth edition in 2008 the Festival has been organised based on three pillars: analog performance, intermedia (multimedia performance arts, live multimedia, intermedia facilities, idea art), intermedia and performance interventions in the public space. An essential part of the Festival includes an educational program, promotion of young artists and discussions. The works presented within the framework of the Festival

First Art contest award for Kurt Fleckenstein

“Standing in the way” by German-Polish artist Art is going to be presented five times in the city centre of Schwetzingen till the 19th October in an unrivalled art contest in the metropolis of Rhein-Neckar. The open air exhibition with cumbersome title "Standing in the way" has been opened already on 31th May. Besides the classical sculptures delicate creations came into being, dedicated to the public space in a poetical, critical

New polish way of life - Kurt Fleckenstein in the Gallery Profil in Poznan

Big Macs for Lord’s Supper - A mirror for the Polish society Kurt Fleckenstein opens a big solo exhibition on the 4th of July in the municipal gallery “Profil” of Poznan. In the prestigious premises of the castle of Posen Fleckenstein holds a mirror up to the modern Polish society. He reflects the “New Polish Way of Life” critically as he spends half his time in Poland and is almost addressed

International Singing Competition Festival City Passau - Jubelee Year 2007

The 2007 International Singing Competition Festival City Passau is again to be presented in the historic venue of the Freudenhain Palace. During the past 10 years the competition has established an excellent reputation both among experts and the general public. It provides a highly valuable contribution to young artists on the path to a successful carrier, not only within the competition itself, but also in the annual concert presentationsd many

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