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Harbinger Launches World’s First AI-powered Teaching Assistant Platform

January 15, 2021 Harbinger AI Inc. today announced the release of the next version of Quillionz, its best performing product in the EdTech category. Quillionz is the world’s first AI-powered platform for creating questions, quizzes, and notes and is well received with over 20,000 users. With Quillionz Skim, an interactive video navigation feature, the company aims to target educators using video resources for their learners. Dr. Vikas Joshi, CMD, Harbinger Group,

Quillionz Pro - The Premium Version of Quillionz – The AI-Powered Question-Cre …

April 30, 2019 Harbinger AI Inc. announced the release of Quillionz Pro, the premium version of Quillionz - world’s first intelligent platform for automatically generating questions from textual content. Quillionz was launched in September 2018 with the vision of transforming the way teaching and learning professionals create tests and assessments. And it is gradually delivering on its promise. Educators around the world are using Quillionz extensively to generate question ideas,

Quillionz, the Much-Awaited AI-Powered Question-Creation Platform is Unveiled

Harbinger AI announces launch, offers free usage. Redmond, WA, September 11, 2018 Harbinger AI, Inc. announced the release of Quillionz, world’s first intelligent tool for automatically generating questions from textual content. This unique AI-driven platform promises to transform the way teaching and learning professionals create tests and assessments. Quillionz leverages the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to make the process of question creation simple and efficient. Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President

New Online Question Creation Service

Redmond, WA, June 5, 2018 Quillionz, the much-awaited AI-assisted online question creation service, will soon be launched by Harbinger Group, a global leader in learning solutions. According to the company, Quillionz promises to be a game changer for subject-matter experts, trainers, teachers, instructional designers, and e-learning producers looking for a fast, convenient, and affordable way to develop questions and assessments. Surveys of eLearning designers’ work patterns reveal that creating simple questions for

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