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08-22-2019 | Health & Medicine

Congenital Immunodeficiencies: Many Affected, Low Awareness; 15 Years of Joint P …

Outpatient immunology clinic in Vienna, Austria, a partner of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation for primary immunodeficiency disorders (PID) based in the US for the past 15 years; joint effort to increase awareness and improve health and quality of life of thousands of patients prone to serious infections. Vienna (Austria), August 21 2019 –. The successful partnership between the Immunologische Tagesklinik (ITK), a privately run outpatient immunology clinic in Vienna, and the
07-11-2019 | Science & Education

EU Healthcare Systems: a Reallocation Of Resources Is Urgently Needed

Turning away from “low-value” (waste, overuse) towards “high-value” health care is critical for the sustainability of solidarity-based healthcare systems. The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Health Technology Assessment is represented on the European Expert Panel. Vienna, 11. July 2019 – On behalf of the European Commission, international health experts are now making a series of recommendations designed to place reallocation in healthcare systems on a real, value-based foundation. With the current pressure
12-05-2018 | Science & Education

contextflow selected for Philips HealthWorks AI in Radiology Accelerator

Deep learning expert contextflow GmbH thrilled to announce its participation in highly-selective program with one of the world’s leading health innovation companies Vienna, Austria, December 5th 2018 - contextflow, a recognized name in the highly competitive field of AI in medical image processing, is one of only 19 startups from 14 countries invited to participate in a 12-week “AI in Healthcare” startup-accelerator program spearheaded by Philips HealthWorks, a global leader in
11-14-2018 | Science & Education

Psychological intervention study: even brief abstinence from social media causes …

Researchers from Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences identify addiction-like behaviour after time away from social media Krems (Austria), 14 November 2018 – In many cases, just a seven-day break from social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp is sufficient to induce withdrawal symptoms like those caused by addictive substances. This is the conclusion of a study by Austrian scientists, which was published today in an international journal. The study
08-07-2018 | Health & Medicine

Vienna-based biotech company Marinomed obtains EU-wide certification for new col …

• New combination reduces blocked nose without a pharmaceutical ingredient while simultaneously combating viral airway infections • Patent application submitted for innovative formulation Vienna, 7 August 2018. Vienna-based company Marinomed Biotech AG (Marinomed) today announced it had secured EU-wide certification for a new product: a nasal spray that allows the decongestion of the nasal cavity without employing a pharmaceutical ingredient and tackles viral infections of the airways at the same time. The groundbreaking
07-10-2018 | Science & Education

Subtle Differences: Therapeutic Antibodies Vary Depending on Production System

High-precision analysis by the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna uncovers differences in recombinantly produced immunoglobulins; process also affects stability Vienna, 10 July 2018 – Differences in production methods for therapeutic antibodies can lead to variations in their structure, depending on the recombinant procedure selected. The distinctions, which are based on a number of glycosylations, even impact antibodies’ stability. This was the result of a high-precision comparison of the
05-23-2018 | Science & Education

Long-term Psychological Study Confirms: Time is The Best Medicine Against Homesi …

Researcher from Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences investigated feelings of homesickness among exchange students abroad Krems, 23 May 2018 – Time heals homesickness – and quickly, according to a unique long-term study on international students. A propensity towards neuroticism and the desire to keep others happy are among the factors associated with the development of homesickness. However, the study also found that the level of homesickness among those currently
05-08-2018 | Science & Education


Austria-based Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences and partners move closer to developing fully implantable hearing aid Krems (Austria), 8 May – Groundbreaking technology for the transmission of acoustic signals, designed for use in fully implantable hearing aids, has been successfully tested for the first time. The technology is based on completely contact-free fibre-optic technology, which senses the tiniest ossicle movements and uses them to stimulate the acoustic nerves. A joint
04-11-2018 | Health & Medicine

Computing Power to Optimise the Mobile Emergency Care Network

Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences computes the smartest distribution of emergency medical service stations Krems (Austria), 11 April 2018 – Optimised distribution of emergency medical service stations can ensure rapid emergency care for even greater swathes of the population – and save money at the same time. This is the result of a study by Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems (KL Krems), Austria, published recently in
03-23-2018 | Science & Education


SURGERY SIMULATOR FROM KEPLER UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL, LINZ, IMPROVES NEUROSURGICAL TRAINING AND ENHANCES PATIENT SAEFTY Linz (Austria), 22nd of March, 2018 – In recently completed practical tests at the Department of Neurosurgery at Kepler University Hospital, Linz (Austria), a highly advanced brain surgery simulator has received overwhelming approval from experienced neurosurgeons. In a unique first, the system is able to simulate complicated surgery for dangerous bulges in arteries under realistic conditions. This
03-23-2018 | Science & Education


New laboratory creates excellent conditions for studying bones at KL Krems Karl Landsteiner Private University in Krems opens new biomechanics laboratory Krems, 21 March 2018 − A brand new biomechanics laboratory equipped with latest technology is coming on stream at Karl Landsteiner Private University of Health Sciences (KL Krems). The laboratory is equipped with a wide array of most modern devices and defines new standards for measurements and analyses of biological
03-05-2018 | Science & Education

Clinical Results of Neurodegenerative Study

AFFiRiS Announces Results of a Phase I Clinical Study Using AFFITOPEs® PD01A and PD03A, Confirming Safety and Tolerability for Both Compounds as well as Immunogenicity for PD01A in Early MSA patients • AFFITOPEs® PD01A and PD03A Safe and Well Tolerated: Primary Endpoint of Phase I Study Met • Immune Response against AFFITOPE® PD01A and Alpha-Synuclein Seen in Patients with Early Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), an Orphan Disease • Prof. Wassilios Meissner, Principal Investigator of the Study
06-26-2017 | Science & Education

Outside the norm

With the support of the FWF, Susanne Hochreiter and Angelika Baier investigate how intersex (hermaphroditism) is treated in contemporary German-language literature. Their findings: writers are just as unsure in their approach to the third gender as society is in general. "I write to make audible, to translate into language that which is not generally spoken, which seems indeed to be unsayable." That is what the German writer Ulrike Draesner says,
05-15-2017 | Science & Education

More than just an operation

Losing weight by surgical intervention involves more than just shedding body fat. It is a very challenging start on a new life with a surprising number of durable positive effects. This has been shown by a study funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. The results are impressive: after bariatric surgery (a gastric bypass, for instance) long-term positive effects were observed. They included not only a lasting reduction in weight, but
04-24-2017 | Science & Education

The single market of interest groups

Environmental and consumer protection have outstripped business interests in the EU. This is the conclusion drawn by an international study supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. The reason behind this is a wish on the part of the European institutions to widen their legitimacy. Brussels is synonymous with European bureaucracy, political elites and powerful business lobbying – at least that is what people generally tend to believe. "That’s not
04-18-2017 | Science & Education

Austria’s family context has become more traditional again

More and more families have fewer children than they would actually like to have. Demographers from Vienna are currently exploring the causes of this development. They detect a return to traditional role models for both women and men. "We were surprised to see Austria heading back towards a more traditional pattern", says Isabella Buber-Ennser from the Vienna Institute of Demography at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. The demographer is currently
04-12-2017 | Science & Education

Zika Virus: Themis Bioscience Initiates Worldwide First Study With Live Attenuat …

Vienna, Austria, 11-Apr-2017 – A promising vaccine for the Zika virus is now being tested by Themis Bioscience GmbH, a specialized biotech company developing prophylactic vaccines against emerging tropical infectious diseases. After recent progress with the development of a Chikungunya vaccine the company succeeded in swiftly adapting their proprietary vaccine technology for their Zika vaccine program. This program is based on a live attenuated recombinant vaccine that promises a fast
04-03-2017 | Science & Education

The Führer's lavish guest house

In an extensive research effort the art historian Imma Walderdorff investigated the Nazi past of Klessheim Palace, unearthing hitherto unknown facts and making an important contribution to provenance research. Klessheim Palace in Salzburg owes a great deal of its current appearance to conversions made during the period of National Socialism (NS). Upon instructions from Adolf Hitler, it underwent state-of-the-art refurbishment to serve as a prestigious "guest house of the Führer".

Haute Couture from Museum & Lab: The Museum of Natural History, Vienna and the U …

St. Pölten, 31 August 2011 – On September 23 the University of Applied Sciences (UAS) in St. Pölten, Austria will be parading clothing from over ten millennia for a journey through time and the world of fashion. For this purpose cooperation was secured with the Museum of Natural History Vienna, which will be showing faithfully reconstructed garments from the Stone Age through Roman times. As part of the "FIT for

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