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14.09.18 - AISOMA AG

DMEXCO 2018 -The importance of machine learning in your digital marketing strategy

Although the future effects of machine learning for digital marketers are not yet fully foreseeable, they are already having an impact on the digital marketing landscape. Machine Learning Tools are ab... mehr

21.08.18 - AISOMA AG

What to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2018 (business perspective)

AI implementations will still not be the norm Only one in 20 companies has comprehensively integrated KI into its offerings or processes. Less than 39% of all companies have an AI strategy. According... mehr

04.06.18 - AISOMA AG

NLP (Natural Language Processing) in practice: A Web App Demo for text summarization and Named-entity recognition

Once you have identified, extracted, and cleansed the content needed for your use case, the next step is to have an understanding of that content. In many use cases, the content with the most importan... mehr

28.05.18 - AISOMA AG

Dr. Thomas Tilli becomes CAIO (Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer) & Partner at AISOMA AG

We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Thomas Tilli today officially as CAIO (Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer) & Partner at AISOMA AG. With his many years of project experience and expert knowledge ... mehr

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