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IEEE WCET certification program at the 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conferenc …

Discover the IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (IEEE WCET) certification program at the 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference May 05, 2008 - Toronto, Canada – IEEE will showcase it's Wireless Engineering Technologies (IEEE WCET) certification program at the upcoming 2008 Wireless & Mobile Expo and Conference, scheduled on July 15 & 16, 2008 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. The IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (IEEE

Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) – Partnering for e-Health Innovation

February 14, 2008- Toronto, Canada - Laurie Hicks, Vice President, Client Relationship Management, SSHA will deliver a presentation on SSHA partnering for e-Health at the 2008 Government & Health Technologies Conference and Expo, being hosted April 15 & 16, 2008 at the Design Exchange in Toronto Canada. This session will describe SSHA’s role in implementing e-Health in Ontario. SSHA was created in 2003 to electronically connect health care professionals to

Work in Progress Monitoring using RFID

Toronto, ON, September, 2006 - The ability of any enterprise to effectively monitor it¡¯s manufacturing facility and ¡°work in progress¡± has been an elusive or costly endeavor. However, with the introduction of RFID technologies and its application to the manufacturing process such initiatives are now well within reach. RFID by its very nature has the ability to read tags or labels over distances and multiple or batches simultaneously. Other RFID initiatives

Business RFID Strategy

Toronto, ON, August, 2006 - An RFID strategy provides an outline to use the technology aligned with an enterprise's strategic visions and goals. A business that strives to be a model of efficiency could use RFID to streamline the operations is a typical example. The RFID strategy is applicable whether big or small business because RFID is going to be found anywhere in the near future. An uniform strategy is not

The EPC Class Structure

Toronto, ON, July, 2006 - The EPC Tag Class Structure is often misunderstood. 'Class' is not the same as 'Generation'. Class describes a tags basic functionality for example whether it has memory or a battery. Generation refers to a tag specification's major release or ver-sion number. The full name for what is popularly called EPC Generation 2 is actually EPC Class 1 Generation 2, indicating that the specification refers to

Applications of Active Tags

Toronto, ON, July, 2006 - Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), an automatic recognition technology employing wireless communications, has recently drawn much attention. RFID tags, both passive tags and active tags are broadly used in virtually every industry in the world. Today, this paper will introduce how the active tag works and also discuss some applications. An active tag is an RFID tag that incorporates a battery, and can communicate with a reader

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