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Global Biometric Technology Market to Grow at 11.0% between 2020 and 2026

In the latest report, titled "Global Biometric Technology Market Size, Status and Forecast 2020-2026", analysts have done a comprehensive analysis of the global biometric technology industry. In 2019, the market size for Biometric Technology was valued at US$ 5489.7 Mn and it is anticipated to attain a value of US$ 11490 Mn by 2026 end, registering a CAGR of 11.0% from 2020 to 2026. To request a sample copy of the

Top 10 Mobile Phones of 2020

SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 For several months in previous years, SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 8 has been a leader. However, in the end it was overtaken by the iPhone X, and after that also by the HUAWEI P20 PRO. With the advent of the Galaxy Note 9, Samsung is once again the leader in the market again. Compared to the Galaxy Note 8, the new Note 9 stands out with S Pen support

Controlled and Slow Release Fertilizers Market Grows as Demand in India and Chin …

Controlled release and slow release fertilizers fall in the category of improved-efficiency fertilizers as the former are coated products and the latter are non-coated products. Given the application of CRFs and SRFs in niche market such as nurseries, agriculture, lawn, golf courses and green house, China and India are set to witness a rapid growth spurred by its dominance in agriculture. Further, the urge to augment crop yield, fertilizer efficacy

YouTube enters the Nintendo Switch platform

Since its release, Nintendo Switch has sold more than 22 million units . The company plans to sell another 20 million switches this fiscal year. However, Nintendo does not seem to be focused on promoting the development of non-gaming applications. Also Read: So far, only Hulu has introduced the Switch version. Today, however, YouTube has joined the ranks. Switch user can here to download the YouTube app. It's also worth noting that

Asthma Spacers Market: North America and Europe to Procure Major Share

Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects millions of people around the world. Aerosol drug delivery is the first line administration route in asthma management, and metered dose inhalers (MDIs) are the most common type of inhalers used in asthmatic conditions. However, poor inhalation techniques have led to poor control of asthma. Valve holding chambers/spacers are designed to counter the problem. A spacer, usually attached with an MDI, is

The Invalidation of a Canadian Trademark Registration

Invalidation of a trademark registration is the legal process of removing a trademark from a trademark register as if such trademarks had never been registered. A Canadian trademark registration can be invalidated as a result of the following: 1. Trademark is not used within three years: According to section 45 of the Canadian Trademarks Act, a trademark registration can be invalidated or expunged if the trademark is not used within three

6 Trends in Digital Marketing to Watch Out | Complete Connection

The digital marketplace has become the largest marketplace in the world. This presents a challenge for both conventional and digital marketers. Platforms and agencies are now forced to step up with engaging experiences tailored for customers with diverse delivery mechanisms, or risk losing their investment. No TV channel or any media platform has a daily audience of 175 million like the internet does, so it naturally raises the bar for

Complete Connection | Write for Us Technology & Digital Marketing Posts

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