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15.12.08 - ELSIA

Lead sheet - No weatherproof product is as efficient or sustainable as lead sheet

London, 15th December 2008 - Builders, architects and craftsmen can now take advantage of the falling cost of raw materials. The price of lead sheet has not been so low for years. This new price level... mehr

15.12.06 - ELSIA

New Study Results - Lead sheet: champion of recycling

London, 15th December 2006 – Pressures on building material manufacturers are increasing: environmental soundness and recyclability of materials are becoming central product demands. Many materials... mehr

07.12.06 - ELSIA

New Study Results - Eternal lead sheet: lifecycle from cradle to cradle

London, 06th December 2006 – Producers of building materials are struggling very hard to improve the lifetimes of their products. The lead sheet industry however is one step ahead. Working to the EN... mehr

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