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Merchandised Character reach the mobile in the Asia Pacific

BLOODY BUNNY from 2:Spot Communications are now available on mobile from MOffY Limited. . MOffY is now launching Bloody Bunny, Unsleep Sheep, Mission Banana, P 4 and the Escape Plan, Biscuit, DADA the Devils, Fluffy & Tilly, Braba Bear, Menmenboko, and Shadobo in the Greater China Region and South East Asia. BLOODY is the action bunny that comes to life to search for its

Eccentric “Hirumy” arrived Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific

7th August 2007 Hong Kong and Seoul - “Hirumy” with over 100 different personalities traits is now available from MOffY. De+Party and MOffY announced the cooperation to bring “Hirumy” mobile phone worldwide. “Hirumy” a girl of six year old, who want to become a top fashion model, keeps changing her personalities when she is in a different situation. There are always 2 characters, Good and Evil, fighting each

Mobile Comics Daily unveil in Taiwan

Mobile Comics Daily from MOffY featured with Big Comic Digital’s various comics is now launched at ABPW in Taiwan. Mobile Comics Daily is the service channel developed by MOffY under a cooperation with Big Comic Digital. The Mobile Comics Daily is also available on WAP, XHTML and I-mode in various mobile carriers in the Asia Pacific region. The Mobile Comics Daily featured with comic strip on a daily

I Love Egg emerge on mobile

Hong Kong and Seoul, 27th April 2007 - MOffY and D&H Inc, proudly announce I Love Egg arrival on mobile in China, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. I love Egg has been digital and merchandise markets in Korea and UK. Chinese Comic books of I Love Egg has published in Taiwan already. I Love Egg also appears on Cartoon Network in Japan. Now, MOffY has bring I love Egg

MOffY unveil the War on Radish Island

Hong Kong and Seoul, 27rd April 2007 - War on Radish Island is the 5th of 12 Earth God J2ME game series from MOffY. The game is a co-development between MOffY, King Xun and Zisin Inc. The other four games in the series are New Year Story, Garden Fighter, Pyramid Escape, and 12 Earth God Bubble. This time one of the 12 Earth God – Mao is on the stage.

Heart Bear Matching on I-Mode

Hong Kong and Seoul, 23rd April 2007 - Heart Bear Matching game from MOffY featured with lovely Heart Bear is now available for mobile network operators. Heart Bear Matching is the latest i-mode game developed by MOffY. The Heart Bear Matching is also available on WAP2.0. Heart Bear Matching is a classic matching puzzle game featured with Heart Bear & Friends. Heart Bear is the major character of CRZONE in Seoul.

MOffY and GFLY join hands in mobile entertainment

Hong Kong and Beijing 23rd April 2007 - Today MOffY and Beijing BoYan Technology CO.LTD (GFLY) announce the cooperation to bring GFLY games to Asia Pacific Region. The cooperation scopes included MOffY distribution and publish of GFLY games in Asian countries as well as join development of new mobile game. The initial cooperation of over dozen of games included the Crazy Chook Ballon, Defend Barbell, Dune, Exorcist, Hamburger Chef, I

MOffY wireless content in more ASEAN markets

Hong Kong 21st March 2007 - MOffY mobile contents arrived in Lao. Lao is one of the members of the 10 ASEAN countries. Today MOffY announced to enter the Lao PDR mobile market. Lao is the 7th country in ASEAN where MOffY contents available. MOffY content is now available in Lao’s operator directly. In ASEAN, other than Lao, MOffY contents are available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

South Pole’s Peny & Petty arrived the Northern Hampshire

Hong Kong and Seoul 19th March 2007 - Peny and Petty from the South Pole has arrived Northern Hampshire for Mobile Users in the Asia Pacific Region. One day when Peny and Petty were wounded in the Antarctic, they were rescued by animal activists before being carried to a hospital in the city. They run away and hit the street at night after being fascinated by bright-lie city streets. Mobile contents

Xiamen games arrived Asian Market

Hong Kong and Xiamen 5th February 2007 - Hong Kong’s MOffY and Xiamen based Simlife today announce the cooperation to bring J2ME game to the Asian Markets. The initial cooperation includes five latest game titles from Simlife will be published by MOffY in Asia. Rabbit Moon, Noah Brick, Doom Strike, Galaxy Love Story, and Festival Fight will be available to MOffY’s own channels and mobile network carriers in the region.

Music Puppy 'Beethovin' for mobile phone

Hong Kong and Seoul 23th January 2007 - Beethovin the music puppy has arrived for mobile phone. CRZONE and MOffY again have brought a new wave to the mobile market and a surprise for puppy lover. The “Beethovin” is a lovely puppy raised with Beethoven the great composer. During the time with Beethoven, he has learned music over Beethoven’s shoulder, and with Beethoven’s inborn musicality. His girl

Heart Bear emerge at Wireless

Hong Kong 8th January 2007 - MOffY is delighted to announce Heart Bear launch in wireless. The Korean lovely Heart Bear, one of the main characters from CRZONE, is now available on mobile phones. Heart Bear is the angel of love and it has accidentally fallen on the universe’s most beautiful planet – Earth. Currently, the mobile digital contents including game, wallpaper, animation, theme, featured with Heart

First hit of 2007, 12 Earth God Garden Fighter mobile game

Hong Kong and Seoul 5th January 2007 - MOffY Limited announces the launch of Garden Fighter java game featured with 12 main characters from Zisin Inc. The Garden Fighter is the third of 12 Earth God game series exclusively from MOffY. This time one of the 12 Earth God, Boo who is living in a quiet garden come into the stage. One day, a group of homeless cats lead by one

CRZONE Pact with MOffY on licensing

Hong Kong and Seoul - MOffY announce the licensing cooperation with CRZONE characters. The cooperation of MOffY and CRZONE has sparkled a new thrust on traditional licensing and digital media’s cross over. Crzone is one of the latest dynamic character creator in Korea. The cooperation includes major characters of Heart Bear, Beethovin, and Narose. Other characters included in the pact are Peny & Petty, Dapy,

Hello Kitty Mobile game series from MOffY

Hong Kong 1st December 2006 - Today, MOffY Limited unveils the latest series of Sanrio characters games. The new series included Hello Kitty Wonder Box, Hello Kitty Funny Forest, Hello Kitty Candy Candy, XO and friend Basketball, Hello Kitty Cake Shop, Kitty Cross River, Hello Kitty Romance. The new batch of games published by MOffY has top MOffY one of the largest Hello Kitty mobile games collections in the market.

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