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Off Hours Hot Times for Online School Inquiries

A recent survey shows persons inquiring about an online education usually call over a lunch break or when arriving home from work. Birmingham, AL July 9, 2007 -- The administration of Virginia College Online recently completed an unusual survey that reveals the applications and information seeking patterns of potential online college students. The survey, done in an effort to better serve potential students who contact the college, revealed some distinctive

Medical Careers are Promising as Demand Increases

Medical careers are the fastest growing industry in the United States and online colleges offer lots of options for filling the need. June 7, 2007 Birmingham, AL -- The latest government studies confirm that the medical careers industry is the fastest growing in the United States. A variety of factors, including longer life spans and an increasingly elderly population, have caused a shortage of educated medical professionals that experts agree

Online Degrees Require Student Discipline

Virginia College Online strives to make earning an online degree feasible and challenging at the same time. June 7, 2007 Birmingham, AL -- Every year millions of students pursue an online degree of some type. While most students succeed in their pursuit of an online education, there are also some who don't succeed because they didn't understand the commitment needed to attend classes online. Those students who are successful

Guidelines For Choosing Best Online Schools Released

Virginia College Online releases new guidelines in response to increasing interest in online learning. March 29, 2007 Birmingham, AL -- In an effort to help students choose the online school that is right for them, Virginia College has developed a set of tips that will narrow the field. The Internet has exploded in recent years with hundreds of opportunities for online learning, but with these opportunities come pitfalls. Darrell Hanbury, Director

Online Colleges Offer More Than Diplomas

Leading the way for online colleges in offering more and better services is Virginia College Online. February 27, 2007 Phoenix, AZ -- Online colleges all offer degree programs and the tuition bill that goes with it, but with so much competition for students some are now offering much more. Today's best online colleges are catering to the needs of the student beyond the classroom by supplying career counseling, financial

Financial Aid Helps Students Get Online Education

Thanks to the availability of financial aid, online education has become an option for many who would otherwise not be able to afford to go to school. January 29, 2007 -- Phoenix, AZ. Contrary to popular belief, education is not a luxury enjoyed only by the wealthy. Thanks to the availability of financial aid, a degree has become an option for many students who would otherwise not have been

Military Benefits Help Students Get Online Degrees

Many students are using their military benefits in order to help them complete their online degrees. January 29, 2007 -- Phoenix, AZ. For soldiers who want an education but are concerned about cost or being stationed too far from school, there are options. Online degrees allow even those on active duty to go to school, and military benefits can be used to help make the cost of an education

Online Degree Programs Make Higher Education Possible for Anyone, Anywhere

The traditional, four-year university is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Now, higher education is available to anyone, regardless of lifestyle or location. Online degree programs offer great flexibility, allowing students to attend school any time, and from anywhere. Phoenix, AZ December 22, 2006 -- It used to be that getting an education meant committing four years of your life to your schooling: living on or near

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