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Let’s compare the most popular Blockchain platforms

Today's article will be devoted to the comparison of the most widely used platforms for smart-contracts and blockchains developments. It is worth mentioning that actually there is no an ideal platform that would meet the needs and standards of everyone. Most of the platforms which we are going to describe today use different languages and have their own pros and cons. Ethereum — Old but Gold There are no doubts that Ethereum is

Something about the main open source Blockchain platforms

In today’s article we are going to discuss the main open source Blockchain platforms and determine their pros and cons. Main blockchain platforms Let’s start with discussing the most famous and widely used open source Blockchain platforms on the market. The most popular of them is Ethereum platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications that run on blockchain technology. There are many other popular platforms such as NEO, EOS and

Oracle evolution: from multi signature algorithm to decentralized Oracles and Du …

Today we are going to plunge into Oracles` world a little bit deeper. Let`s go over the history of Oracles, consider their evolution and analyze the main actual players on the market. Early attempts To begin with, the first attempts to implement an oracles network started in 2010-2012 and have ended up failing. One of the most notable example of Oracle from that period is Orsi Oracle. The company

Finally, a simple solution to connect blockchain and business.

The delivery of verified data from off-chain to blockchain will be the most popular business opportunity in the upcoming years The year 2018 is the year of great changes in business under the influence of the blockchain technology, large corporations are joining the blockchain space and financial giants like Goldman Sachs and Circle are following. That is why, the problem of getting off-chain data on the blockchain and making sure

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