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Introducing AiroStotle: The Future of Digital Medicine is Here

Collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio sees the world’s first deployment of nGageIT Digital Health’s novel breath-based NanoSensor technology for Digital Medicine. Cleveland, Ohio., February 8, 2019 – AiroStotle™ is a digital breath biomarker sensor, developed under nGageIT’s Airostotle™ Digital Biomarker program for early-stage detection and monitoring the recurrence of cancer. In a collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio - advocates for teaching and research - clinical trials with

World’s First Digital Ingestible Nanoparticle “Barcode” Makes Your Medicin …

NanoSmart health tool by nGageIT makes taking medicine a digital experience. Toronto, Canada March 13, 2018 - A new digital medicine startup company, nGageIT Digital Health Solutions, is making medicine smarter by developing the world’s first ingestible Digital Pharmaceutical Nano Encoding technology. Patent pending "NanoSmart" digital encoding technology uses a mobile device that can passively detect the unique fingerprint of medications when ingested and remind patients of missed or late doses

World’s First Connected Injector Non-Invasively Detects Insulin Below the Skin

Smart health tools by nGageIT allow diabetic insulin users and others to ‘Inject, Detect and Go’. Toronto, Canada March 10, 2018 - A revolutionary smart injection device is in development by a new digital medicine startup company, nGageIT Digital Health Solutions. The device safely and automatically detects insulin and other injectable medications after injection below the skin and connects to the cloud through your smartphone. Patients using injections like insulin can

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