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With Dylyver seeking to integrate secure and transparent transaction, there is the need for the introduction of the blockchain system. Due to Dylyver passion for transforming the ride-sharing and package delivery system, Dylyver has introduced the DYCOIN Token. DYCOIN token The DYCOIN token, Dylyver’s cryptocurrency, is the catalyst for a standardized global approach for peer-to-peer ridesharing and package delivery services, enhanced by advantages of blockchain-secured transactions. The token is designed as

Dylyver - Your Ultimate Shipping and Taxi Partner

Sub-headline: Dylyver is a technological solutions provider that brings in two new apps, Dylyver Drive and Dylyver Cargo, which can revolutionize the scope of social ride sharing and package delivery requirements. PR Body: (February 24, 2018) - Dylyver is a unique technology corporation dedicated to developing cutting edge innovative logistics and transportation solutions with the help of highly advanced and contemporary mobile technologies. The scope of Dylyver mainly focuses

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