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21.06.07 - Infima Technologies

Infima Technologies Announces world-first JPEG2000 lossless compression

Infima Technologies Ltd, Announces Infima Image Compression Library v2.0, an evolving set of technologies designed to handle multiple image formats including JPEG2000, JPEGs, and medical images. O... mehr

10.01.07 - Infima Technologies

Infima Archiver 2.0 new release - Very high compression ratio and speed

Infima is a new high performance file archiving technology. Built from the ground up for better compression and security but not in the cost of performance, it provides the best platform for managing ... mehr

19.10.06 - Infima Technologies

MediaCell Video Converter v1.0

MediaCell Video Converter is the best software for MP4/3GP file conversion of portable video device such as iPod/PSP/Mobile Devices. With unmatchable compression ratio and speed while retaining the hi... mehr

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