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Protecting Concrete from Water Intrusion

Water Intrusion Technologies has an advanced solution for removing and keeping water out of subterranean concrete walls and slabs, which is Electro-Osmotic Pulse (EOP) technology. Traditional methods for correcting water intrusion involved the application of sealants or costly excavation around a facility exterior. In 1994, a team of researchers and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) began development of an innovative technology for the prevention of

ultimate solution for waterproofing concrete

A cure for cancer in Concrete Now for the first time there is a process that 100% fills all the pores in existing concrete. Not only are the pores filled but with like material. Our principle refers to this process as Electro-Phoresis (EP) Technology. This process keeps the moisture out of concrete and encapsulates any rebar protecting it from corrosion. In addition to preventing corrosion the process strengthens the concrete. Since