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Inkcups Now Renews Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 Certification

Inkcups Now, Corp. (Danvers, MA) is pleased to announce their renewal of Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1 certification by the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute for their Sapphire® SB series of ink. Class 1 certification is the strictest to obtain as it is tested and successfully proven non-harmful for contact to babies. By definition, the four product categories specified in Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 are described as follows: 1. Products for Babies Products

Inkcups Now Slated to Show off Groundbreaking Technology at SGIA 2016

Inkcups Now, Corp. (Danvers, MA) is featuring the most groundbreaking pad printing and inkjet technology at the 2016 SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, NV September 14-16. Located at booth# 2721, Inkcups will show numerous machine demonstrations and will have their expert team available for any questions. Don’t miss out! This year's line-up of state-of-the-art industrial printers include: The Helix Print 360 degree superior quality single or full-color images on straight and tapered

Heat Transfer Printing: 5 Ways Xtrans by Inkcups has Revolutionized the Industry

Digital printing onto heat transfer paper has been a long and arduous process- until now. Xtrans by Inkcups provides the most innovative, cost effective and quickest way of creating digital heat transfers for print on materials such as cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends and nylon. The “old” process consists of printing an image, applying white heat transfer paper to the back, weeding and cutting the image and then applying the image

Inkcups Now Introduces BT Series Opaque Pad Printing Ink

Danvers, MA. USA – August 4, 2014 – The BT series pad printing ink is extremely versatile and works exceptionally well screen or pad printing on flexible key fobs, ABS, vinyl products and Styrofoam. The extreme opacity of the BT series allows it to work well on translucent items, more so than any other ink line. The BT series can be used as a one or two component ink, therefore

Inkcups Now Expands Pad Printing Laser Platemaking Department

Inkcups Now (ICN), the pioneers of direct computer to plate etching, has expanded their pad printing laser platemaking (cliché) department in order to handle higher demand. Direct computer to plate etching is the finest way to create pad printing plates. Laser plates enable first generation etching with exceptional detail, depth and halftone control. For more information about Inkcups Now’s laser platemaking, visit: The plate making department expansion includes: additional space, personnel, laser

Inkcups Now Introduces CrystaLAZE Laser Plates for Low Wattage CO2 Lasers

CrystaLAZE laser engravable plates are ideal for extremely finely detailed etches with low wattage lasers Inkcups Now introduces CrystaLAZE laser plates! Through vigorous research and development Inkcups Now has created groundbreaking laser engravable plates for CO2 lasers. Unlike most CO2 laser plate material used in the marketplace today, which is simply pre-hardened polymer plates, CrystaLAZE plates are specifically formulated to be etched by CO2 lasers. The surface of CrystaLAZE is compatible

New Cylindrical Printing Attachment for DirectJet 1024

February 2013, Danvers, MA – Inkcups Now Corporation has developed a cylindrical printing attachment for the immensely popular DirectJet 1024 UV inkjet printer. The machine modification is exclusively available from Inkcups Now Corporation. This rotary module allows the operator to print on a wide variety of drink ware such as: plastic sports bottles, glasses, metal thermal containers, personalized wine bottles and any other cylindrical shaped objects. For a closer look at

UV Inkjet Ink: New Types and Features

UV inkjet inks have been around for a long time. Within recent years, however, advances in inkjet and UV curable ink technology have brought this ink to the forefront of manufacturer’s minds and have caught the attention of all people alike. Simply put, UV inkjet ink is not a solvent based ink, therefore no solvent will evaporate from it and the amount of ink laid down on the part will

New Water Wash Orange Photopolymer Plates Ideal for Garment Tag Printing

Inkcups Now’s water wash orange photopolymer plates are the perfect choice for use in the garment label printing process. Photopolymer plate making is a method in which an image is etched into a plate by curing the plate material with UV light, typically done with an exposure unit. There are two types of photopolymer plates: alcohol wash plates and water wash plates, both plates come in a wide variety of materials

Eco-friendly Ink Cup from Inkcups Now Corporation – New ToughCup for Pad Print …

Inkcups Now Corp. announces the eco-friendly ink cup for pad printing – the ToughCup universal ink cup with new coating designed to repel inks and solvents. The new ToughCup coating allows cleaning the cup with a minimal amount of thinner or just a dry towel – even on occasions when ink mixed with hardener is left in the cup overnight. The new ToughCup coating allows use of the same ink

Screen Printing Ink Series for Pens – Sapphire BA from Inkcups Now Corporation

Inkcups Now presents a popular application for the BA series pad and screen printing ink: printing on plastic pens. The unique formulation provides adhesion to a range of plastics, has very good alcohol resistance, and is easy to work with. This opaque and glossy ink for plastic is highly pigmented, which makes it suitable for the use with 305 mesh, and perfect for images with fine details. The BA can

SuperWHITE Ink for Screen Printing or Pad Printing onto Dark Textiles from Inkcu …

Danvers, MA, August 2011 -- Expanding the Sapphire SB ink line for textile, Inkcups Now Corp. has introduced the SuperWHITE ink for screen printing or pad printing onto dark textiles. The SuperWHITE pad printing ink contains a special pigment that increases print opacity as well as allows mixed ink to maintain proper viscosity during the production shift. The SB Black, SB Cool Gray 6 and SB SuperWHITE are the triad

SAPPHIRE SI Silicone Ink – Pad and Screen Printing Ink for Silicone Items from …

Danvers, MA, August 2011 -- Expanding the Sapphire ink line of screen and pad printing inks, Inkcups Now Corporation has introduced the unique SI Series ink for silicone. The ink can be applied by pad printing or screen printing. The SI series ink adheres to silicone products such as wristbands, iPod and iPad covers, oven mitts, swimming caps, flexible computer keyboards, remote controls and any other popular promotional items made

How to Pad Print – New Instructional Video on Pad Printing from Inkcups Now Co …

Inkcups Now Corporation (ICN) has created a comprehensive instructional video on How to Pad Print, detailing the major steps and techniques of the pad printing process. Inkcups Now is a major manufacturer of equipment and supplies for the promotional product and garment tag printing industry. The surge in garment tag printing created a sharp need in instruction for the newcomers to the pad printing industry – and ICN is proud

ICN-2200C Carousel Pad Printer Machine to Extend the Line of Pad Printing Equipm …

Inkcups Now has introduced a carousel-equipped two color sealed cup pad printer machine, the ICN-2200C. The eight station carousel part transport system includes a precision shot-pinned (positive lock) tooling registration feature that ensures close tolerance part positioning. Expanding the line of pad printing equipment, this pad printer includes a point tool mount configuration that reduces typical fixture costs and facilitates rapid change-over of tooling. These pad printer machine features, coupled

Cobalt 300 High Speed Plate-Making, Cutting & Engraving Laser System from Inkcup …

Inkcups Now Corporation has introduced the Cobalt 300, an advanced plate-making, cutting and engraving laser system, equipped with the highest-speed servo-driven motor and the most user-friendly software on the market. The Cobalt 300 is a CO2 laser engraver geared for making high resolution Pad Printing Cliches directly from the computer, without the use of film positives, chemicals or concern about depth control. The Cobalt 300 can be used as a

PromoJET-Rotary Inkjet – a Cylinder Printer from Inkcups Now Corp.

Inkcups Now Corporation is introducing the PromoJET – Rotary Inkjet, an add-on module to their original flatbed inkjet printer. Equipped with a quick-change rotary fixture this already versatile digital printer turns into a must-have cylinder printer, great for SIGG stainless steel water bottles, metal and plastic pens, flashlights and more. Going from flatbed to rotary inkjet printer is an easy procedure as the fixture can be assembled onto the machine

Inkcups Now Corp. Expands the Line of Laser Engravable Plates for Pad Printing t …

After a year of research and development, Inkcups Now Corporation is proud to release three new types of Laser Engravable Plates (cliches) for pad printing: AccuLaze plates for CO2 or YAG lasers, Cobalt Ultra and Cobalt Steel Back for YAG lasers. With these new cliches, ICN offers the most comprehensive line of pad printing plates in the industry. In total, ICN manufactures five different laser plate materials specifically designed to

Harmony Ink Dispenser – a Piece of Accessory Pad Printing Equipment from Inkcu …

Danvers, MA, June 2009 -- Inkcups Now Corp. has introduced the Harmony Ink Dispenser, a 12 or 16 canister system designed to store and accurately dispense pad printing and screen printing inks and thinners, drastically simplifying ink mixing and PMS color matching. It will enable you to quickly mix the precise amount of PMS colors that you need at the moment, eliminating ink waste while saving time and money. This

Industrial Ink Jet Printer for Edible & Promotional Items – PromoJET from Inkc …

Danvers, MA. November, 2008 -- Inkcups Now Corporation has recently extended the capabilities of the PromoJET industrial ink jet printer to include the decoration of edible items. The PromoJET is a solvent inkjet printer for flat or 3-dimensional products up to 5 inches high. With the recent addition of edible ink, this solvent inkjet printer decorates a most wide range of promotional products and gifts: from pens, golf balls, CDs

Inkcups Now is US dealer for UV Inkjet Mimaki Printers

Danvers, MA, 2008 - Inkcups Now Corporation (ICN) has become one of three US distributors for Mimaki Engineering Co., LTD. The express purpose of the agreement is to sell and service Mimaki’s line of Flatbed UV Inkjet Printers to the US Promotional Products industry. This deal marks ICN expansion into Digital Printing world, creating new exciting possibilities for the decorators of 3-D products. Several Mimaki printers UJF-605CII have already been

ICN-M15 FP Flatbed Silk Screen Printer from Inkcups Now Corporation

Danvers, MA, July 2008 - Inkcups Now has introduced ICN-M15 FP – a flatbed silk screen printer designed for easy decoration of nameplates, promotional products, panels, signs and other items up to 5” high. The ICN-M15 FP screen printing machine features simple setup and operation. It is equipped with 4 way micro-adjust screen clamp system, micro-adjust print head and vertical motion tooling table that drops to have an operator unload

ICN-B100 Tabletop Pad Printer Machine from Inkcups Now Corporation

Danvers, MA, June 18, 2008 -- Inkcups Now Corporation has recently introduced ICN-B100 sealed cup pad printer machine, a single color compact tabletop printer manufactured for demanding heavy duty performance. The B100 has a robust pad compression capability of 120 lbs at 80 PSI. An illuminated plate system provides visibility to the work area; the variable inking and print frequency controls allow the operator to regulate print opacity. This tabletop

Inkcups Now Launches Redesigned Web Site - a New Technical Resource for Pad Prin …

Inkcups Now Corporation has launched a completely redesigned web site at The web site was restructured and expanded to facilitate browsing and product comparison and to reflect company’s new offerings such as flatbed inkjet printers, new models of pad printing machines, laser etching machines, screen printers, new ink and auxiliary products, plate making and other services. features numerous close-up product pictures, one-click UPS tracking lookup, Free Sample Request

Ink for Tag Printing on Tagless Garments – Sapphire SB Series from Inkcups Now …

Tagging garments – t-shirts, underwear, jeans etc. – is getting quicker and easier. With Sapphire SB series ink, the garment tag can be screen or pad printed, no sewing tags in or heat transferring required. When it comes to making tagless garments, pad and screen printing with SB ink has a number of benefits over heat transfer: • While heat transfer just puts markings on the garment’s surface, SB ink penetrates and

VersaCup Still Unmatched: Ink Cups that fit Virtually any Pad Printer

VersaCup (Patent # US 6,626,100 B2) is a magnetic ink cup that can be utilized on nearly every sealed cup pad printing machine. It suits pad printers from Inkcups Now, Autoroll, Comec, Imtran, Kent, Pad Print Machinery, Tampoprint, Teca, Trans Tech, Tosh etc. and is a practical alternative to expensive dedicated ink cups. Since its invention by Inkcups Now engineers, VersaCup remains an unmatched product commented to reduce inventory costs,

Cobalt 350 - new Computer-to-Plate Laser and Pad Printing Plate Maker from Inkcu …

Inkcups Now introduces Cobalt 350 system – both a revolutionary plate-maker for Pad Printing and a versatile industrial laser etcher. This CO2 laser system has a very small spot size and a variety of raster programs, which provides exceptional control over the quality of pad printed images and laser etched graphics. The XY motion of the laser print head allows etching of very large images, (up to 25” x 18”). With

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