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SpivO’s Encyclopedia Goes Back Online

The Encyclopedia channel was originally launched in 2006 but was taken down for the SpivO upgrade. SpivO’s Encyclopedia channel is back online today with more information, clearer delivery, and plans for integration into the search module. The SpivO Encyclopedia gets information from the Wikipedia project and SpivO has not expressed any plans for changing that. In recent weeks, once all of the new channels are launched, SpivO will start a campaign encouraging

Search Engine Launches Weather Resource

The Weather resource on SpivO is now live. SpivO Weather is the first channel to be launched in almost two weeks. As SpivO’s team of technical experts work around the clock to get the SpivO Mail service back online, the search engine’s ability to launch the new channels has become a little off schedule. In spite of that, SpivO has now launched SpivO Weather. The SpivO Weather channel ( offers a graphical

Image Search Engine Goes Live

The image search engine on the SpivO search network is back online with improved features. SpivO’s image search engine ( went back online today with upgraded features. SpivO originally launched the image search engine in 2006 and included select filter technology to prevent children from looking at inappropriate images without censoring their content. The new version of the image search engine has an improved filtering method which makes it easier for adults

Managed Directory is Removed from SpivO’s New Search

SpivO’s highly anticipated renovation is near completion. Aside from adding many new channels, the search engine has also removed some unused channels. A three dimensional logo isn’t the only thing that’s changed at SpivO. For nearly a year, a SpivO renovation was planned out. New software was acquired, new channels were custom built by the Adviatech Corp., development team, content licenses were purchased, and thousands of gigabytes of storage was acquired,

User Video Upload Channel Launched on SpivO

SpivO ( is undergoing a complete renovation of its search engine and channels. Today, SpivO launched SpivO Video (, a user video upload site. For over a year, SpivO Search ( has been planning a huge renovation to remove unused channels and add new ones. With all the applications developed, a new larger, faster, server environment, SpivO will be completely new in 2008. Currently, a news feed and partially working links are

Financial Channel Launch is Delayed by

SpivO has postponed their SpivO MoneySense channel to spend more time on perfecting the stock quote integration into the search engine. Search engine, SpivO ( publicly announced the launch of SpivO MoneySense for Friday the 15th. As expected, the launch of the channel has been delayed due to a problem SpivO’s developers are experiencing in integrating the stock quote field into the general results page for SpivO web search. Vice President of

Search Engine Launches Encyclopedia

SpivO has announced that they have successfully launched the SpivO Encyclopedia. The encyclopedia is one of many content sources the search engine will be integrating into their new search engine. SpivO is launching channel after channel filled with content that will assist them in building the next generation of SpivO Search. Spivo has launched a variety of channels recently and the SpivO Encyclopedia is the newest. The SpivO Encyclopedia pulls content from

Search Engine, SpivO, Announces SpivO MoneySense

Search engine,, announces their financial channel, SpivO MoneySense, will open September 15th. The channel launch is a result of a new content agreement. While SpivO continues to work on developing the channels listed on the SpivO Workshop, they have pulled their financial channel, SpivO MoneySense from the planning stage to development after reaching a decision to work with a financial content provider. This week has certainly been active in the SpivO

SpivO Search Engine Launches SpivO Maps

SpivO’s launch of SpivO Maps is just the beginning. The long term objective for the mapping project will connect the mapping system with SpivO Travel. Today, SpivO Search ( announced the launch of SpivO Maps. The service is being launched as a test or “research channel” and accessible only through the SpivO Workshop. For the mapping system, SpivO selected Google Maps. This is the first SpivO channel that is completely reliant

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