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05.10.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB - Capio Board recommends increased offer

The Board of Directors of Capio AB unanimously recommends shareholders of Capio to accept the increased offer from Opica On 1 September 2006, Opica AB, a company indirectly jointly owned by funds ... mehr

28.09.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB - Nomination Committee for Capio appointed

At Capio´s Annual General Meeting in 2006, a decision was taken that the members of the Nomination Committee would be appointed in accordance with a principle that the three largest shareholders at 3... mehr

21.09.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB - Capio acquires hospital group Tonkin in France

Capio has signed an agreement to acquire 100 per cent of the French Tonkin Group. The turnover rate for Tonkin is EUR 105 M (SEK 965 M). Formal takeover is foreseen to take place on or about October 3... mehr

19.09.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB: Capio´s Board of Directors recommends the shareholders not to accept the offer

Capio´s shareholders have been offered to sell their shares to Opica for the consideration of SEK 153 per share in Capio. The Board of Directors unanimously recommends Capio shareholders not to a... mehr

13.09.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB - Statement from the Board of Capio

The Board of Capio notes the publication of Opica´s Offer document today relating to the announced cash Offer for Capio by Opica on 1 September, 2006. The Board of Capio confirms that it unanimou... mehr

11.09.06 - Capio AB

direct/ Capio AB - Capio selected to join the Extended Choice Network

Capio Healthcare UK has signed contracts with the Department of Health as part of the ´Extended Choice Network´ scheme. The network allows NHS patients to benefit from a wider choice of facilities i... mehr

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