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COVID Impact On US Airport Infrastructure Market 2020-2025

It is important to note that these estimates were made pre-pandemic and the aviation industry is one of the worst hit industries because of the pandemic. It is estimated that it can take up to 3-4 years for the industry to reach back to pre-pandemic levels, meaning that the growth trends predicted for the industry pre-pandemic might have to get pushed back by the same time frame. Quarantines and lockdowns globally

COVID Impact On Europe Airport Infrastructure Market 2020-2025

Europe considers spending a lot of money on Infrastructure at airports keeping in mind the Environment. Thus, creating another opportunity for stakeholders and investors to invest in something important as well as a remarkable task. Looking forward to the extent of globalization of trade, diversification of opportunities available day by day, and the advancement of technologies in hand, there are ample areas available for investors, public or private to contribute and

COVID Impact On Europe Construction Equipment Market 2020-2025

In Europe, Germany accounted for the largest construction equipment market share in Europe during 2019 and is expected to be the fastest- growing market during the next five years. In 2020, Dutch company BAM infra built the world’s first electric road roller that is capable of saving more than 70 liters of fuel per day and cutting 236 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day. With demand for cost effective and environment friendly

COVID Impact On Global Travel Insurance Market 2020-2025

COVID-19 has severely affected travel insurance providers as most of the countries closed their borders in order to combat its spread. Overall, the virus wiped out around USD 686 million from its profits as compared to last year due to the imposition of travel restrictions across the world. As the outbreak of the virus is controlled and people are resuming back to work, most of the travel insurers are starting to offer

COVID Impact On Global Motor Insurance Market 2020-2025

Estimates indicate that around USD 200 Billion market value of auto insurance industry is at the brink of change due to new mobility, car technology, digitalisation and regulation. If such a disruption happens, it is expected that premiums in Japan would fall by 84% in 2040 as compared to 2015. Usage-based insurance (UBI), is generally powered by telematics technology that is pre-installed in a vehicle’s network or can be used through

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Piston Market 2020-2025

In US there are hardly 1-2% diesel Passenger vehicles and in China it is almost zero and this has directly resulted in fall of diesel engine piston market. Among passenger vehicles there has been a continuous demand on downsizing the engine, to reduce the emissions. Piston manufacturers have continuously developed pistons to counter this. Rheinmetall Group has been handed a follow-up contract to supply petrol engine pistons for the 2-litre units

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Filters Market 2020-2025

Passenger vehicles account for the highest penetration in the filters market, solely because of the passenger car population across the world. The requirement for different varieties of filters has boosted the growth in filters market. The European market with large number of auto manufacturers has come out as one of the leaders in filter markets in the world. The other reason being severe regulations to control emission has led to

COVID Impact On Global All-wheel drive(AWD)and 4-wheel drive(4WD) Market 2020-20 …

As Vehicle electrification is a prominent trend globally, Borg Warner optimized its latest generation of its all-wheel drive (AWD) coupling with a compact brushless direct current (BLDC) motor and highly integrated electronics. Cadillac introduced a new twin clutch design AWD in the US market on 2017 XT5 . The AWD system is capable of transferring up to 100% of available torque to either the front or rear axle. In Japan, 43

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Seats Market 2020-2025

There is absolutely no doubt that COVID-19 is going to hurt Revenues of all seating suppliers. There will also be supply chain issues and a hit on Bottom line to all as long as ” Premium Freight” is used to fill gaps created by long term established supply-chain. The Ventilated seats are extensively used in Electric cars. The rise in Electric cars numbers will boost the seating production and sales but

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Suspension Market 2020-2025

Post H1-2020, the demand situation has started to improve particularly in China and the 2020-SAAR for passenger cars is now expected at ~18M vehicles. The impact of pandemic has already started to weigh in on financials of suspension suppliers worldwide. ZF in its H1-2020 earnings showed a decline of 26% YOY with adjusted EBITDA dipping in negative territory. COVID-19 is likely to shrink global auto production by ~21% i.e. from ~90M

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Steering System Market 2020-2025

The automotive industry has been adversely impacted across every region globally as almost all governments implemented nonessential business restrictions to control the pandemic, resulting in production as well as dealership shutdowns during a significant part of H1-2020 The global automotive production peaked in 2017 and has been in decline mode ever since. COVID is expected to shrink 2020 auto production by as much as 22% and Pre-COVID levels are only expected

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Rear view Mirror Market 2020-2025

The passenger vehicles hold the dominant share in the rear-view mirror market. The advanced mirror designs, technology adopted in mirrors of passenger cars are superior to that of commercial vehicles. In Europe each of the top 5 selling cars come with the standard feature of power folding and adjustable, auto dimming and heating function. In India among the top selling cars Suzuki Baleno provides the auto folding and control of exterior

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Pumps Market 2020-2025

Passenger cars hold the highest market share. However electrification means it will automotive pumps penetration gets limited to steering and transmission segments. Every top selling car except for Ford F150 and Toyota Rav4 in US features direct injection fuel pump. Tesla’s latest Model Y cars are equipped with the heat pump replacing the resistive heating system. This will help warm up vehicle quickly and also increases the range during cold conditions. The

COVID Impact On Global Video Conferencing Market 2020-2025

The video conferencing was a small on a small scale and very much present in the business and corporate sector. But the pandemic outbreak resulted in lockdown not only increased the presence globally but also expanded the area of presence of these applications to education sector as well. Even though the lockdown is lifted in many countries the ‘work from home’ has continued to be the go to option for the

COVID Impact On Global Video on Demand Market 2020-2025

The pandemic has largely benefitted the VOD service providers across the world. Netflix penetration will increase to over 50% in Latin America, and to over 60% in the US & Canada – with growth slowest in this region, where penetration is already reckoned as being above the half-way mark. In India, during the lockdown it is observed that there has been almost 96% signed up users are spending time on VOD

COVID Impact On Global Online Music Streaming Market 2020-2025

The global pandemic seems to have had a catalytic impact on the market similar to other OTT services with users tuning into news and podcasts from the comfort of their home. Amazon offers its music service as part of its prime subscription, and a paid unlimited version separately. Amazon is also pitching its lossless music for high quality audio content as a premium offering, competing directly with Tidal. 80% of the revenue

COVID Impact On Global Smartwatch Market 2020-2025

COVID-19 has muted the pace of growth for smart wearables in India as a sizeable chunk of urban population is now working from home and having limited physical activity. Global smartwatch volumes grew 20% YOY to 12.5 Million units in Q1-2020. But Q2-2020 is likely to reverse this trend as many outlets remained shut and e-commerce was hampered in many locations. With tech giants hugely investing in R&D facilities to constantly develop

COVID Impact On Global EV Battery Management System Market 2020-2025

American auto component and parts supplier BorgWarner is expected to launch a new high voltage coolant heater for electric and plug-in hybrid cars globally. Exide has tied up with Leclanche to form a joint venture to manufacture Li-ion batteries in India for EVs. Ficosa Tier-1 Global Supplier has signed 5 contracts regarding Battery Management Systems with the Chinese market for the Electomobility products coming out of China. France based battery manufacturer Ion Battery

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Plastics Market 2020-2025

Teijin limited announced that its Sereebo carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) has been selected by General Motors for use in select pickup box application. This is world’s first use of CFRTP for structural parts in high volume production vehicles. As the frontal design of an EV varies significantly as compared to an ICE vehicle due to different cooling requirement, the front grille could be aptly substituted by plastic body with better

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Front End Module Market 2020-2025

The grill components which occupy majority of area in the front end module and contributes to the aerodynamics heavily. The advent of active grill shutters has increased the share of grill in the market. In US the front end module market is driven by the need for larger radiators and coolers as the engines in the region is significantly of larger displacement and requires effective cooling. Calsonic Kansei has completed the acquisition

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Metal Market 2020-2025

Constellium a leading European aluminum supplier derives ~25% of its annual sales from auto industry and is supplying to BMW and Daimler. Vehicle manufacturers are exploring the use of Aluminium, high-strength steel, magnesium, carbon-fiber composites, and other lightweight materials to reduce vehicle mass and improve fuel economy. Electric vehicle growth will leading to changes in physical and functional requirements of BIW( body-in-white) impacting future vehicle design. The newly designed electric vehicle’s

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Coatings Market 2020-2025

Electrocoats offer multiple benefits such as high corrosion resistance and protect the surface at extreme climatic conditions. It holds the highest market share and expected to witness quick growth in the segment. Waterborne type is the most commonly implemented technology for the automotive coating. The waterborne technology gives out less odour, easier blending and accurate mixing making it the leader in this segment. In US due to strict guidelines from National

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Catalyst Market 2020-2025

Due to the ongoing pandemic China has delayed the implementation of particulate number limits till January 2021 and allowed the sales of China V standard cars. The California’s goal to achieve 90% reduction i.e. 0.02 g/bhp-hr of NOx emissions of a heavy duty vehicle in the state and across the country by 2027 will be the turning point in the market. BASF has recently developed tri-metal catalyst which substitutes high priced palladium

COVID Impact On Global Military Drones Market 2020-2025

World’s top five companies in UAV are from the USA only. The market has been booming for a long time in the field of the military as well as commercial. India to procure 10 Heron TP-armed drones from Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) worth $400 Million by 2020. General Atomic to supply 30 Predator-B HALE (High Altitude, Long Endurance) Drones to India worth $3 Billion in next 4-5 years. Switzerland to procure Indago-3 UAV

COVID Impact On Global Military Cybersecurity Market 2020-2025

Cyber threats to cause loss of more than $5 Trillion a year worldwide by 2021. AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) awarded a contract of $12.6 Million to Praxis Engineering Technologies to provide advanced cybersecurity to U.S. military. In 2019, the U.S. Air Force awarded a contract of $35.8 Million to Dell Federal System to update their cyberspace platform. In 2018, U.S. Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) had awarded a

COVID Impact On Global Military Avionics Market 2020-2025

Open architecture designs are a now a standard requirement for military aircraft platforms undergoing avionics upgrades. The open architecture approach allows the next-gen ICP system to generate a more than 70% reduction in unit cost compared to the outgoing system, as well as a 25X increase in computing speed Standardizing the interfaces, components, and cards for the computer is also increasingly common now Many flight decks are migrating to multiple large displays,

COVID Impact On Global Military Armored Vehicle Market 2020-2025

India to procure more than 2,600 Infantry Combat Vehicles along with 1,700 Future Ready Combat Vehicle. BAE Systems to deliver 2,936 multipurpose combat vehicles to U.S. Army worth $15 Billion contract awarded in 2014 and to be delivered by August,2020. U.S. Army orders 416 new JLTV(Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) from Oshkosh Defense LLC worth $106.3 Million to replace old Light Tactical Vehicles, previously, in 2018, Oshkosh started building 6,107 JLTV

COVID Impact On Global Interceptor Missile Market 2020-2025

After the introduction of MIRVs (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicle), which are capable of throwing several warheads at a time, ABM systems needed to be modified to intercept such projectiles. LOCKHEED MARTIN is awarded $932.8 Million contract to develop THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) interceptor ballistic missiles. US MDA (Missile Defense Agency) have awarded contract to BOEING, RAYTHEON and LOCKHEED MARTIN worth nearly $169 Million (combined) to work on technology risk

COVID Impact On Global Hypersonic Missiles Market 2020-2025

In march 2020, Japanese government announced plans to develop two classes of hypersonic weapons: Hypersonic cruise missile and Hyper Velocity Gliding Projectile. Russia is the first to deploy Avangard, a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle. Another anti-ship Hypersonic Cruise Missile named 3M22 Zircon launched successfully in June 2017 and second Russian Hypersonic Cruise Missile, KH-47M2 Kinzhal is in development. U.S. Army plans to invest over $43 Billion on its Army’s Big Six program, which

COVID Impact On Hotel Industry In Europe 2020-2025

Rising numbers of tourists throughout Europe Worldwide tourism has increased strongly in recent decades. In Europe, one of the most visited regions in the world, the numbers rise year after year. Europe hotels reported occupancy fell 44.6% to 43% in August. ADR dipped 13% to €103.95 ($121.37) and RevPAR decreased 51.8% to €44.69 ($52.18) for the month of August 2020 The absolute occupancy and RevPAR levels were up significantly from July

COVID Impact On Hotel Industry In US 2020-2025

COVID-19 has been a challenge to both lives and livelihoods. The crisis is unprecedented and moving quickly, yet still deeply uncertain. Travel and tourism has been more severely damaged than any other U.S. industry by the economic fallout of the health crisis. COVID-19 has left hotels in major cities across the country struggling to stay in business, resulting in massive job loss and dramatically reducing state and local tax revenue for

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Exhaust System Market 2020-2025

There are continuous R&D activities going on among the exhaust system manufacturers to reduce the weight of the system. This will boost the market in the future. Based on the technology used selective catalytic reduction has gained highest market share due to its high fuel efficient technology and cost reduction. It is a relatively new technology and is able to reduce NOx emission by 70-80%. Other technologies such as DPF, DOC

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Brakes Market 2020-2025

Brake manufacturers relied on integration of ABS and ESC in early 2000s to boost their dollar content per vehicle. Now, Electric parking brakes getting increasingly common in US, Europe and China has increased their Dollar content per vehicle by ~15%. Europe was the only market where Auto sales grew in 2019(+1% YOY) to 15.1 Million vehicles. In 2020, now that Europe has been adversely affected by COVID-19 we expect sales to

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Glass Market 2020-2025

In terms of applications of glass in an automobile, windshield dominated the market and is expected to be leader in the market. New technologies are being developed for the constant improvement in safety of the driver. This is expected to drive the market in the future. Sunroof is the fastest growing application in the automotive glass market. The incorporation of sunroof in affordable cars is the key growth factor for the

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Fuel Tank Market 2020-2025

The introduction of hydrogen fuel cell powered buses in Europe will initiate the demand for hydrogen tanks for the commercial vehicles. The hydrogen fuel under high pressure requires modern technology and modern materials such as carbon fiber, nano materials to contain the hydrogen. This will boost the R&D in the fuel tank sector. Plastic Omnium has obtained the certification for hydrogen tank which can store hydrogen at as many as 700

COVID Impact On Global Cold Chain Logistics Market 2020-2025

The cold chain logistics market has also been impacted through the pandemic and cold chain logistics sector could consider this pandemic as blessing. The main reason for this is that due to lockdown in several places the consumption has been increased and specially for the packed foods/goods which require cold and adequate temperatures for to be preserved for a long time and also the pharmaceuticals companies demand also risen for the

COVID Impact On US Warehousing Market 2020-2025

Coronavirus pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for warehousing in the United States, with rise in technology, e-commerce and 3PLs as the key drivers to propel the demand. Health care industry’s cold storage would experience a huge demand as many nations have fast paced clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine. E-commerce and online grocery are expected to generate more demand for large warehouses as pandemic has changed the shopping habits of customers

COVID Impact On Global Last Mile Delivery Market 2020-2025

In India to counter the COVID-19 pandemic several food delivery, cab service aggregators like Uber, Rapido, Domino’s, Swiggy and Zomato have tied up with retailers and e-grocers to support and boost the last mile delivery. The last mile freight has been the major contributor for greenhouse gas emissions and the several firms are making an effort to reduce this. E-commerce giant Amazon has partnered with EV start-up Rivian to bring 100,000 electric

COVID Impact On India Online Food Delivery Market 2020-2025

The contactless food delivering services ensure that the food reaches the customer without being touched by bare hands and is delivered safely with adequate social distancing measures. This has alternatively proved to be favorable for the market as many people now prefer ordering food from their preferred restaurant instead of going out to eat. The rise in order value is because larger quantities are being ordered with many families now working

COVID Impact On Global Rail Freight Market 2019-2025

The global rail freight market is estimated at $220B-$250B annually. In recent years, trends in infrastructure charges, especially compared with other modes of transport, have significantly impacted the competitiveness of rail freight operators. Chinese rail company has started selling low-emissions freight containers that maintain low temperature doing away with fuel-generated refrigeration. The invention, utilizing phase-change materials has the potential to drive down emissions produced in cooling rail and road freight

COVID Impact On Europe Cement Market 2020-2025

Before the pandemic, the industry was not operating at full capacity; with the global economic slowdown, plants were expected to see further drops in utilization rates. While companies are likely to finish committed expansions that were delayed due to lockdowns, and start new projects beyond 2021 depending on the pace of economic recovery. To survive and flourish, companies in Europe will need to prioritize sustainability and raise their environmental standards as

COVID Impact On US Cement Market 2020-2025

One cement plant was idled in April because of decreased demand resulting from restrictions put in place to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the U.S. cement industry has shown no prolonged or widespread negative effects from the pandemic. The Cement Manufacturing industry is expected to rebound as the immediate effects of the coronavirus pandemic subsides. As the overall economy recovers, construction activity is expected to grow, in turn

COVID Impact On Global Automotive Sunroof Market 2020-2025

Glass sunroofs have the highest share in the market compared to the fabric one. Various features in the glass segment itself have made this popular. Tilt and slide, panoramic and pop-up methods are seen in this segment. Panoramic sunroof holds the highest share among all. The growing demand for SUVs and luxury cars over the years has boosted the automotive sunroof global market. To augment the sunroof vehicles

COVID Impact On Global Defense Tactical Radio Market 2020-2025

The US Army is now looking to further integrate cloud computing technologies into military micro-cell for front role warriors and software-defined radios to connect cell phones, laptop computers, and tactical radios. US DARPA wants communication communication contractors to provide long-range communication through mosaic antennas comprising low size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C) transceiver element. U.S. Army awarded a contract for tactical network man-pack radios from L3Harris and Collins Aerospace

COVID Impact On Global Energy Storage Market 2020-2025

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the market supply chain, thereby hampering the overall growth of the industry. The residential sector is expected to account for the largest share in the energy storage market by application with majority of the demand coming from Germany, Australia, and the United States. The commercial and industrial (C&I) sector is increasingly adopting renewable power generation sources, such as solar and wind energy, for

COVID Impact On Global Military Tanks Market 2020-2025

Battle tanks and the modernization of their existing MBT fleet. Countries in the region, like France and Germany, are collaborating to produce the next generation MBTs. The demand is expected to be generated from the countries, like the United Kingdom, Italy, Finland, France, Germany, Croatia, Poland, Sweden, and Turkey, in the years to come. More than 100 years have passed and this little Willie has become a staggering global

COVID Impact On Global B2B Payment Market 2020-2025

After COVID-19, most of the businesses are severely affected, for safety concerns, people choose to do online transactions and this will help the market to grow digitally if businesses start to use digital payments and move with the phase. Global B2B payments market is expected to be $38 trillion by end of 2020 and expected register with CAGR of 10%. So, looking at the amount accounted in B2B market, it is

COVID Impact On Global Finance Cybersecurity Market 2020-2025

In the COVID-19 pandemic, several cases of Cybercrime were observed across industries and thus, many organization operating their business online are cautious of the cyber-attack are investing on their products. The service segment of the cybersecurity market dominated the market in 2019 with the revenue share of 54.7% In the forecasted period, it is expected to dominate the market. New business models and technologies like Internet of things are heavily relying on

COVID Impact On Global Insurtech Market 2020-2025

COVID-19 has impacted the insurance industry, especially in Asia Pacific and Middle East & Africa, and thus the market share of that region has sparked the insurance industry, to capture that market insurance companies are adopting new business strategies in payment methods and services which create revenue opportunities during lockdown situations. COVID-19 has increased the health risk in the human beings and opened new market opportunities for insurance companies. The demand

COVID Impact On Global Retail Banking Market 2020-2025

According to the World Retail Banking Report 2020, over 57% of the consumers are now preferring internet banking, pre-COVID-19 the consumer preference was 49%, and 55% preferring mobile apps for banking services which in contrast to pre-COVID level was 47%. Several retail banks have also started to provide online services to the consumers and limited the need to visit bank branches for the same service. The growth of digital platform in

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