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15.11.06 - Agendia BV

direct/ Agendia B.V. (NL) - Agendia announces a distribution agreement with Teva & Tuteur, Argentina

First MammaPrint® distribution agreement for Latin-America Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 15, 2006 Agendia B.V. (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and Teva & Tuteur (Buenos Aires, Argentina) ... mehr

06.09.06 - Agendia BV

direct/ Agendia BV: Agendia´s MammaPrint® breast cancer prognosis test validated by an independent international consortium

Study shows clear superiority of MammaPrint® over traditional clinico-pathological risk assessment -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands 06.09.2006 In a publication in the Journal of the National Can... mehr

21.08.06 - Agendia BV

direct/ Agendia´s MammaPrint(R) shows significant agreement with other multi-gene breast cancer prognosis tests

Publication in New England Journal of Medicine shows equivalence of different molecular signatures for breast cancer -- Amsterdam, The Netherlands 21.08.2006 In a publication in the August 10 2... mehr

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