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Short Term Rental in Dubai – Local Market, Global Opportunities

Property prices in Dubai have witnessed a decline during the past four years, making luxury Dubai property significantly cheaper than in peer cities. In figures: An investor buying a luxury property in Berlin will have to shell out 79,23% more per square metre than for a comparable real estate asset in Dubai (Knight Frank PIRI 100 Index 2017). At the same time, AirBnB hosts in Dubai can charge the 3rd. highest

10 year visa, 100% business ownership: UAE`s Wind of Change

On the 20th. of May 2018, the UAE government announced major legislatory reforms which will have profound impact on Dubai`s property market specifically as well as the UAE as a destination for foreign direct investment (FDI) as a whole. The new laws, anticipated to come into force by the end of 2018, will provide for visa to be granted to highly skilled professionals for up to ten years to as

Deferred Property Sale in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department as the Emirate`s governing body overseeing property transfers now also allows for registration and execution of so-called deferred sale agreements. Such agreements describe a particular ownership transfer of real estate assets where the ultimate transfer of title remains pending until all deferred considerations as per the contract have been settled. Even though the method of a deferred sale is not tied to the entrepreneurial sphere, a

DIFC-based REITs - Status quo and Future Developments

Since the enactment of the Dubai International Financial Centre`s (DIFC) pertinent REIT regulations in 2006 the DIFC has allowed the creation of REIT trusts or corporations within its perimeter. As DIFC-based property funds and REITs are now considerably gaining in investor`s interest, it is time to take a closer look at the determining factors and available options. Dubai`s DIFC has established itself as the regions`s prime financial jurisdiction, offering a robust

Supply or Demand – What will Dominate Dubai`s Property Market in 2018?

In light of the retreat of rental prices witnessed since Dubai`s real estate market peaked in mid-2014, many observers have uttered concerns in view of developers continually announcing new projects, ostensibly paving the way into substantial oversupply and an aggravated price slump. With recently revised supply projections and population figures now at hand Property Blog Dubai has taken an in-depth look into the supply and demand dynamics at play

Dubai Rental Index 2018 - Legal Implications for Landlords and Tenants

In November 2017, the Dubai Land Department (DLD) has updated its rental index for 2018, covering all residential, commercial and industrial properties in Dubai. Also, for the first time, an index for land leased through annually renewable lease contracts is published. While Dubai`s rental index was initially calculated on a six months basis, it is presently published on a yearly term. With the index data having a legal and real

VAT in the UAE – A Guide for Real Estate Investors

Starting from 1st. of January 2018 and in line with other GCC countries, the UAE is to implement a Value Added Tax (VAT) amounting to 5% on most goods and services. Being an indirect tax on certain goods and services, Law No (8) of 2017, issued by Federal Decree in September 2017, defines the goods to be imposed with VAT as follows: „The VAT Law has identified Goods to include

Blockchain Pioneer Dubai – Property Purchase on Mouse Click?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin have witnessed an unprecedented growth in media-related attention. This went along with the sextupling of the Bitcoin`s exchange rate in US-Dollar since the beginning of 2017. Substantial price gains and a spreading utilisation of cryptocurrencies thereby nurture the user`s natural desire to utilise their virtual money for the acquisition of tangible assets like precious metals or real estate. Virtual to Real Aston Development, part

Dubai`s DIFC Enhances Its Appeal to Family Offices

Dubai`s International Financial Centre, inaugurated in 2004 and home to many of the world`s largest financial corporations, is increasingly evolving with respect to its offering to family offices looking for viable jurisdictions. Only recently, concerted efforts by the DIFC and the Ministry of Economy (Dubai) led to allow DIFC-based companies to apply for and be licensed to commence commercial activity onshore in Dubai, as well as to acquire and operate

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