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11-13-2017 | Sports
Regal Bloodstock

Factors Important to Success In Racing – Trainer

How important is a trainer to your overall success in Racing? A short answer - Immensely! Racehorses are bred with one key aspect in mind - Speed! They are not bred for temperament, looks - not even constitution. With a population inbred for this particular trait, you can imagine that we would encounter huge variations based on hereditary factors throwing traits equally not desired. A great example would be stallions such
10-23-2017 | Sports
Regal Bloodstock

An Interview with Craig Rounsefell - Regal Bloodstock

Mark Burckhardt: Hello and welcome everyone to another episode of The Racing Show. Now this is one of my very first interviews where I interviewed my very good friend and business partner Craig Rounsefell. Now Craig is one of the leading bloodstock agents in Australia if not the world. He's brought racing success to just about everyone he's touched. It was a real pleasure catching up with him and I
10-11-2017 | Sports
Regal Bloodstock

Radio Interview with Mark Burckhardt – How Racehorse Syndication Works

Wayne Bucklar: You're listening to Business Radio Talkers.FM. My name is Wayne Bucklar and in conversation with me today is Mark Burckhardt, Director of Regal Blood Stock. Mark welcome to the program. Mark Burckhardt: Good morning Wayne, nice to be here. Wayne: Now Mark I could have a guess what Regular Blood Stock does but I'm in one of those moods where it would be

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