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Main differences between mechanical unions and exothermic welding

Exothermic welding and mechanical unions can have a similar application at a glance; however, their results and benefits differ greatly. An exothermic welded joint has a connection made by fusion, which is more reliable and durable. The result is an irreversible molecular bond. The conductivity of the union itself is equal to or greater than the conductors involved. As a consequence, the connection is permanent with a lifetime equal to that

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas protects chemical waste Factory in Portugal

Resiquímica, a chemical waste Factory located in Sintra, Portugal, has renewed all its lightning protection system and has chosen the protection offered by DAT Controler® PLUS + AT-Remote Tester air terminal. Resiquímica has been a customer of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas for several years and they have already had four DAT Controler® PLUS lightning rods installed on their building. In September this year, they updated their lightning protection system, now being able to

Pakistan’s new kidney and liver institute and research centre is protected wit …

In Lahore, Pakistan, a new research centre in nephrology and hepatology (Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Centre - PKLI) has been created and it will have four DAT Controler® PLUS 60 ESE lightning rods and all the earthing installation with products of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. Its inauguration is scheduled for December 25th, 2017 and it will constitute one of the most important health centres in the country. It is especially important

ATPLUG CONTROL: the plug-in and self-reclosing protector against surges and unde …

One of the latest product launches from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas is the ATPLUG CONTROL, a protector for permanent and transient overvoltages and undervoltages that is plug-in, single-phase and self-reclosing. This protector, when detecting a permanent overvoltage or an undervoltage, acts by disconnecting the power supply from the outlet, then reconnecting the power supply to the load again when it comes to a halt. When detecting a transient overvoltage, the ATPLUG CONTROL driving the

The new Wanda Metropolitano stadium is protected from lightning strikes with our …

The Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the new football field of Club Atlético de Madrid, has hosted the first league match this weekend. The new sports hall, includes a complete lightning protection system, projected and supplied by Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. A total of 8 DAT Controler® Plus 60 ESE lightning arresters cover the entire surface of the playing field and stands, protecting from atmospheric electrical shocks. These lightning rods were chosen due to their characterisation

We protect the National Pantheon of the Heroes in Paraguay against lightning

The National Pantheon of the Heroes and Oratory of the Virgin Nuestra Señora Santa María de la Asunción is an emblematic building located in the capital city of Paraguay which, at the moment, is under restoration. Due to its great architectural and patrimonial value, guaranteeing the safety of this construction is essential and that is why the building has been equipped with an ESE lightning arrestor from Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. This lightning

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas responsible for the protection of the church of San R …

The emblematic church of San Roque in Lisbon, as well as the museum next to it, are already protected, both building and contents in their interior, by our lightning rod DAT Controler® Plus, which was chosen due to the security offered by its certificates and tests passed in independent laboratories. This church, owned by the Santa Casa de la Misericordia of Lisbon, was built in 1540. In addition to the Church,

Once again, Aplicaciones Tecnológicas sponsors the 'Installer's Party' in Barce …

Last June 14th, the 3rd edition of an important event that involves installers and distributors of electrical equipment, the ‘Installer's Party’ took place. The event is organized by CSI Suministros since 2015 and Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has sponsored it once again. As in the previous two editions, it was held at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona. On this occasion, more than 2,200 attendees gathered together. In this one day event installers,

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas provides training of aluminothermic welding

At Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, besides offering integral protection against lightning and surges, we are experts in exothermic welding (also called aluminothermic). Therefore, many companies have requested specific training in this type of welding by our specialized staff. With the development of Apliweld® Secure + system, an innovative exothermic welding format, we have revolutionized the future of exothermic welding and many companies want to be at the forefront. The key to this system

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