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17.09.07 - Wild Animal Publishing Company

Announcing the release of Beachmaster by John Benjamin

Imagine facing a belligerent, one-ton monster with four, six-inch long, interlocking canines and another 2000 pounds of pressure per square inch in his jaws. His eyes look demonic and his paralyzing r... mehr

22.01.07 - Wild Animal Publishing Company

Sciarra releases sequel to Shoestrings - No Time For Dinosaurs

Author John Benjamin Sciarra recently released the second book in the Shoestrings series, Shoestrings—Paradox. This is the story of three children caught in a time machine of their physicist father'... mehr

09.09.05 - Wild Animal Publishing Company

Media Event for the official release of Shoestrings - No Time For Dinosaurs

September 7, 2005 -- In a prehistoric setting with life-size dinosaur replicas, members of the press can receive an autographed copy of the new children’s book along with a press kit. There will be ... mehr

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