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Screenwriter, Producer, and Actor Joshua Michael French Scores Homerun with Film …

Joshua Michael French wrote 47 Minutes as a play, which has been performed in the U.S. and Europe. Now it is a successful short film. Salt Lake City, UT, December 11, 2014 -- 47 Minutes is already a successful play, and now it is a successful film as well. Written and produced by Joshua Michael French, 47 Minutes also features French in one of the leading roles. Written by French as a

Scott Fishman too Popular – NYC Fitness Expert Scott Fishman Pulls Training Vi …

New York, NY – Scott Fishman received so much traffic to his social networking websites from a fitness training video that he had to drop the video from YouTube. The websites and were overloaded because of the popularity of the YouTube video. Many business owners would love to have the same problem as Fishman, fitness trainer and founder of Team All-American – too much Internet traffic. “I created the

Wade Cook Offers Free Stock Market Investment Strategies Newsletter

Best-selling financial author Wade Cook a weekly newsletter containing strategies taught in his books and seminars free on the Internet. "Wade Cook's Tuesday Technique" offers proven stock market investment strategies. Issaquah, WA -- Monthly cash flow from stock market investing is something anyone can learn to do, with the help of Wade Cook and his free weekly newsletter. "I teach people how to treat the stock market like a business. We use

VoIP Solution: Voice Over IP Service Beats Vonage and others as Low-price Leader

Low-cost has always been the biggest attraction for use of voice over IP, or broadband phone service. The Low-price leader beats the cost of Vonage at less than $7 per month. Wakefield, NH -- VoIP, broadband voice over IP phone service, was once a novelty but is now coming into its own as a significant cost savings over traditional phone service. There are now many companies offering VoIP services, and each one

Internet Entrepreneurs Create Automated Web Site Business Opportunity with Traff …

TrafficWave has inspired a group of Internet entrepreneurs calling themselves the "Freedom Team"to create an automated online business opportunity. The automated business works like a vending machine online. Spring, Texas -- Many people would like to own their own business on the Internet, but they lack the experience and funds necessary to start, so a group of Internet entrepreneurs have joined forces to help others start an automated online business opportunity

Environmental Protection from Surplus and Obsolete IT Assets through Computer Re …

Electronics and landfills are a bad combination, so Surfplus.Net helps companies recycle their old, used, obsolete computers and electronics and other IT assets to keep them out of landfills and protect the environment. Peabody, MA – Old, used, obsolete computers and electronics are hazardous waste and should not be sent to a landfill, so Surfplus.Net helps companies get rid of old IT assets and protect the environment at the same time. Millions

Wade Cook Monthly Cash Flow Stock Market Investing Newsletter

Wade Cook, N.Y. Times Business best selling author, now offers students of his books a free weekly newsletter on stock market investing to produce a monthly cash flow. Issaquah, WA -- Wade Cook now offers a free weekly newsletter to teach people how to treat the stock market like a business and produce a monthly cash flow. The free newsletter is offered online at along with a weekly phone seminar that

Wade Cook Offers Weekly Phone Seminar on Monthly Cash Flow from Stock Market Inv …

N.Y. Times Business best selling author Wade Cook now offers students of his books a weekly tele-seminar on stock market investing to produce a monthly cash flow. Issaquah, WA -- Wade Cook, who has been teaching stock market investment techniques in his many books and weekend seminars, now offers a weekly phone seminar to teach people how to treat the stock market like a business to produce a monthly cash flow. "The

D.G. Lord Enterprises Announces Free Web Seminar: How to Pay Off a Mortgage in 8 …

A free web seminar provides information on how to pay off a mortgage in 8 to 11 years. The information presented by D.G. Lord Enterprises, Inc. teaches debt elimination without the need to refinance, or a bi-weekly payment. Riverview, FL -- The dream of being debt free, including a mortgage, using the techniques taught in a free web seminar offered by D. G. Lord Enterprises, Inc. "Most people are not aware that

Wade Cook Teaches Stock Market Investment Strategies in Free E-mail Newsletter

Wade Cook, the N.Y. Times Business best selling author, now teaches his stock market techniques and strategies through a free E-mail newsletter. The former cab driver personally uses the methods he teaches to others. Issaquah, WA -- Wade Cook, the N.Y. Times Business best selling author, is making his successful stock market investment strategies available in a free newsletter he sends out each Tuesday by E-mail. The free newsletter is available without

Employers Seek Secure, Reliable Outsourcing of Projects and Services from Freela …

The need for a reliable means of outsourcing services from freelancers has given birth to a new web site that brings employers and freelancers together for outsourcing of projects. Melbourne, Australia -- facilitates the outsourcing of projects from freelancers by companies from all areas of the world through an online service that offers language translation, multiple currencies, and an escrow service that insures projects are satisfactorily completed. "Access to global talent

Help for Last Minute Christmas Gifts with Unique Gifts and Online Convenience

Spen Carney offers ideas and suggestions to people who procrastinate to the last minute when it comes to buying gifts for the holidays, and other occasions. Rockland, Maine -- Last minute Christmas gift shoppers do not want to sacrifice quality, and they need a way to find the right gift quickly and easily through a web site that caters to procrastinators. "The holidays are a busy time, and time is valuable. I

Moisture Damage: A Simple Product Removes Moisture that Can Harm Valuables

The same product used by industry and the military to protect against moisture damage is available to the public. Ashley Falls, Mass. -- What are those little packets that come with new electronics, or in bottles of pills, or other items when purchased new? Many people are not aware that the little packets contain silica gel, a product that is very effective at removing moisture from the air in a closed container,

Preconstruction Syndication: Developers and Real Estate Purchasers Capitalize on …

Regardless of current market conditions, real estate developers and real estate purchasers can now partner through an innovative contract to create a win/win outcome. Ft.Lauderdale, FL -- Real estate has taken a down-turn, but through an innovative process BridgePoint Ventures, LLC has created a way for both real estate developers and real estate purchasers to mitigate the risk in a challenging marketplace. "Unfortunately, real estate does not avoid supply and demand laws,

Vertical Ownership: Innovative Solution for Real Estate Purchase

A real estate innovation formerly reserved for the affluent, offering protection from softening market conditions, goes mainstream with Vertical Realty Advisors, LLC. Ft.Lauderdale, Fl -- The average consumer now has the opportunity to purchase their dream home or investment property and be provided the opportunity for insulation from the softening of the market. "Vertical ownership" provides end users the ability to purchase real estate and be guaranteed the best pricing of their

Wade Cook Announces New Web Site for Stock Market Investment Strategies

Best-selling author Wade Cook has announced a new web site that offers free instruction on stock market investment strategies. A free weekly newsletter provides simple to follow stock market investment methods. Issaquah, WA -- Wade Cook, author of "Wade Cook's Stock Picking Handbook" and other best selling books, has created a new web site that offers free stock market investment strategies through a weekly newsletter. Cook is the author of N.Y. Times

Generation Y Responds to Social Networking Clothing and Apparel Online Community

Generation Y loves everything "nerdy" and "geeky." GK 33 has combined the love of social networking and fashionable clothing with the social networking site for community-driven clothing and apparel design. Missouri City, TX -- Generation Y lives in the information world of social networking, and they love their own unique clothing they can help design at a social networking site for community-driven clothing and apparel. The 20-something crowd, Generation Y, love surfing,

New Social Networking Site for Entrepreneurs Appoints PR Consultant, a new social networking site, has appointed a PR Consultant to write and send press releases. The site provides a community for business networking and promotion. Citrus Heights, CA -- Rob Clark of has announced the appointment of David M. Bresnahan, a PR consultant, to write and send press releases for the social networking site designed for businesses and entrepreneurs. Business owners and entrepreneurs who would like to network with

How to Protect Against Moisture Damage

A web site offers information on how to protect guns, jewelry, electronics, documents and other valuables from rust and damage caused by condensation from moisture in the air in a storage container. Ashley Falls, Mass. -- A web site at provides detailed information on how to protect stored valuables from damage caused by moisture. Family photos, documents, guns, optical equipment, electronics, jewelry, and other treasured items can all be destroyed by

Entrepreneurs and Businesses are Banned from Using Social Networking Sites Like …

Myspace says "no" to commercial promotion in profiles and to friends lists on the social networking site, but that ban led to the creation of a site designed for entrepreneurs, businesses, and business opportunity promotion and networking. Citrus Heights, CA -- was created as a resource to help entrepreneurs connect with each other through a social networking community of friends and like-minded people. "I created BizFriendz as a social network where

Emotional Management Training Improves Workplace Efficiency and Production

Companies that provide EFT emotional management training for employees are discovering immediate benefits. Improved morale, reduced stress, and other emotional improvements contribute to greater productivity. Cambridge, UK -- What would be the benefit to an employer if emotional stress in the workplace could be eliminated? David Childerley, a personal coach who teaches the skills of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for emotional management, says that companies are discovering many problems can be solved

Social Networking with Fashionable Apparel: GK33, Where Geek Meets Chic

Generation Y loves clothing and special networking, and now the two are combined in a new special networking web site that offers community-driven clothing and apparel designed by members of the community. Missouri City, TX -- The 20-something crowd, Generation Y, love to make friends and communicate through social networking, and they are very into fashionable clothing and apparel, so it is no surprise that the "nerdy" GK33 is catching their

Space Flight May be as Easy as Making a Golf Putt as Space Tourism Begins

Contests run by non-profit groups offer a space flight as the grand prize. Contestants participate in simple skills such as a Frisbee throw, snowball throw, golf putt, and others. Wilmington, North Carolina - Charity fundraising events have entered the space age with contests that will send the winner into space. Now that space tourism and commercial space flights have become a reality with the first flights scheduled for 2008, it is not

Community-driven Clothing and Apparel Social Networking Site Sends Generation Y …

A revolutionary clothing line, featured on a new social networking site, is putting a new spin on getting the difficult 20-something crowd to go out and vote. Missouri City, TX – A popular social networking web site is taking an active role in getting their 20-something members to vote in the 2006 elections by featuring an online election to select the name of the site’s platypus mascot. "GK33 was founded on community

Netidentity E-mail Crisis Ends for Press Release Service PR Consultant and Other …

Wakefield, NH -- ThatPRGuy, David M. Bresnahan, began to have problems receiving and sending E-mail in mid-September through Netidentity, which was recently purchased by Tucows, Inc. for approximately $18 million. Bresnahan\'s site at is ranked the number two site in the world in the public relations category by He writes and sends press releases for many different clients. Recent press releases can be seen at Bresnahan is not alone.

ThatPRGuy Press Release Service Ranks 2nd Among All Public Relations Web Sites i …

Wakefield, N.H. -- David M. Bresnahan is ThatPRGuy, and his web site offering press release and public relations services has been ranked second place out of all public relations web sites in the entire world. listed Bresnahan's site at at fifth place one year ago (see Now the site has surpassed that achievement by moving into second place, surpassing the largest PR firms in the world to do

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