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Plastics profit: Ceresana analyses the Global Market for Plastic Pipes

Pipes made from plastics have advantages compared to those made from other materials such as aluminum, concrete, cast iron, copper, and steel. Due to their low weight, their resistance to corrosive effects and chemicals as well as the simple handling increases their importance in all application areas. The market research institute Ceresana is forecasting total global revenues of more than US$80 billion in 2019. Multiple applications Plastic pipes are mainly used

Plastic instead of concrete: Ceresana examines the European market for plastic p …

Pipes should last a long time, avoid that waste water or chemicals seep away, but at the same time be easy to handle. This is why plastic – instead of metal or concrete – is increasingly used in piping systems. “The price of raw materials, like steel or copper, does also play a crucial role,” explains Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana Research. The market research institute has scrutinized the European

Acquire a taste for it: Ceresana publishes study analyzing the growth market fla …

Flavors are gaining economic importance. Both natural as well as synthetic flavors are mainly used for improving the taste of foodstuffs and beverages. In 2011, about U$S10.6 billion were generated with the sale of flavors; this development is mainly due to utilization of industrially processed and packaged foodstuffs. Utilization in the food and beverages industries Consumers are becoming wealthier and adjust their consumption behavior accordingly; they spend an ever increasing part

The World of Fragrances: Ceresana publishes Market Study on the global Market fo …

The pleasant odor of oranges, the freshness of a sea breeze or the warm smell of wood – all these impressions are connected to a variety of positive experiences. With its products, the fragrances industry contributes to improving our well-being in innumerable situations. Not only fully developed industrial countries explore this potential to the fullest, also in developing and emerging countries the number of customers demanding fragrance products is rising. Revenues

LLDPE Market on the Rebound - New Study from Ceresana Research

LLDPE is one of the most important plastics. This market is recovering well from the economic crisis: “We expect to see significant growth in sales and distribution starting in 2010“, says Oliver Kutsch, president of Ceresana Research. The market research institution has just released a new study covering this major polymer. Late start for LLDPE Linear low density polyethylene was offered in North America for the first

Bioplastics are Flourishing: New Study from Ceresana Research

Shopping bags, fast-food utensils, and garbage sacks that decompose into compost after use: bioplastics are not only environmentally-friendly, but they can also be economically advantageous. “Despite the financial crisis, manufacturers of biodegradable plastics were able to demonstrate moderate growth in this past year,” explains Oliver Kutsch, president of Ceresana Research. Potential or Over-enthusiasm? A new study from Ceresana Research analyzes the market for biodegradable polymers. Expectations for bioplastics

New Study from Ceresana Research: Continued Growth of the PVC Market

Polyvinyl chloride continues to be one of the world’s most crucial plastics. As one of the oldest and most used products of the plastics industry, PVC came under attack 20 years ago by environmentalist groups. After numerous scientific investigations and improvement measures, the industry calmed the situation down: The environmental aspects of this durable and fireproof material are now often looked upon positively, the relatively minimal need for oil

Most comprehensive study on the global pigments market

More Complexion, Gloss and Luster December 4, 2007 - The English poet Leigh Hunt once said, „Colours are the smiles of nature“. They not only make our lives more colourful, with over a third of all information we perceive being somehow related to colours role in the characteristics of our surroundings. With this, it’s no wonder that more and more companies are turning their attention to pigments and using this possibility

Market Study on Pigments started

The world market for pigments is facing enormous changes. During the next ten years the annual growth rate will develop differently both from segment to segment and regionally. Rising prices for oil and raw materials will decrease profits and force technological and product innovations. Ceresana Research has just begun the most comprehensive study of the pigment market to date. For this report, the independent market research company is analysing trends and

Market Study: Flame Retardants

Konstanz, 05.07.06 CERESANA Research has just finished compiling a study on the flame retardant market In the USA alone, fire kills over 4,000 people annually and causes 250 billion US-$ (200 billion Euro) worth of damages. In order to avoid and hinder the onset of fires, flame retar-dants are used in a number of products such as in plastics, textiles, woods, paints and electronics and electrical items. Approx.

Market Study: Solvents

Konstanz, Germany, 13th Feb. 06: CERESANA has just finished compiling a market study on solvents. CERESANA Research has collected and evaluated all essential data and presented it clearly in order to create a complete and up-to-date overview of the global solvent market. The study includes comprehensive market data, worldwide trends and innovations, manu-facturers and relevant products. The legal situation, as well as important environmental and health aspects, is also

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