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Post Pregnancy Fitness

Pregnancy is a life changing experience. In addition to having a new baby, most moms find themselves with a new body – and one that many are anxious to shape up as soon as possible. The old adage of “nine months on, nine months off” is not a standard that applies to all women. Some moms will shed their postpartum weight within the first few weeks; others will still be carrying

Flab To Fab Abs

Dallas, TX, February 7, 2006 -- Tight abs are frequently the most sought-after physical feature by novices and exercise gurus alike. Dallas-based personal trainer Nicole Masden with Lady Trainers To Go suggests some tips and techniques for going from flab to fab. “Abs are one muscle group that recovers quickly,” said Masden. She suggests starting the morning with a quick, 10-15 minute ab session to wakeup metabolism and get blood flowing

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Dallas, TX, January 24, 2006 -- Dining out is seldom a healthy choice. Between the oversized portions, the chips and salsa or the bottomless bread baskets, restaurant patrons often find themselves leaving full – full of calories, excess sodium and fat. Unfortunately for many Americans, eating in is not always healthier. With the plethora of frozen foods, fast foods and prepackaged foods, a “home cooked” meal can

Health Benifits of Coffee

Dallas, TX, January 19, 2006 -- Recent studies show that a cup of coffee in the morning not only helps to wake you up – it also provides solid, proven health benefits and burns calories. “If (coffee) is consumed on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before a workout, it can boost endurance and prolong fatigue, which aids in fat loss,” said Lady Trainers To Go nutritionist Anna

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