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How To Pick A Necklace Based On Your Blouse

You’ve got the perfect lehenga, you’ve got the perfect shoes, you’ve got the perfect makeup and your hair is on point, your blouse is a thing of art, you’ve got your earrings on and your bracelet’s in place. But wait, there’s just one hiccup. Your blouse has a high neckline, but your necklace is a choker! What a complete mismatch! Don’t worry, you’ll never have to face this nightmare ever

How To Store Your Rings

Here area unit three methods to store your rings. 1. Invest In A Beautiful Ceramic Plate This area unit an easy task to search for, better to customize and virtually hassle-free. You'll manage to purchase them at probably the most home ornamentation stores and keep them by your side or next to the sink. And a practical plate can keep your rings in a position to go once you're in a

7 Reasons Why Your Next Gift Will Be A Personalised Ring

For anyone in love, surprising your spouse with their initials etched on the ring may make their day. The custom ring design artists at Rockrush have come up with some exciting combinations of ring designs. we offer you reasons which can make your search for personalised rings today! You Can Choose A Letter And We Will Frame It In Diamonds The clustered diamonds make the ring look brilliant and how!

9 Rules Every Men Should Know Before Selecting His Jewellery

We have decided and laid down few dos and don'ts in regards to jewellery for men. 1) Keep It Minimal The ground rule to ace any look is never to over-do things. A lot of cooks spoil the broth, do they not? Similarly, in the event that you clutter jewellery, there are numerous chances so it will backfire. So, choose a minimum amount of accessories with regards

5 Jewellery Pieces For 5 Days Of Wedding

We've picked wedding jewellery for the 5 main functions. you'll be able to tweak it here and there to fit your apparel. 1. Engagement This Festoon Diamond Tanmaniya Pendant makes for the proper engagement jewellery. Tanmaniya Pendant is associate in nursing authentic Maharashtrian neck piece and Rockrush has given it an up to date bit. The mixture of eighteen carats yellow gold with diamonds relies on the normal style. 2.

How To Restore The Shine Of Your Gold Jewellery

Buying gold jewellery is a very important factor and taking care of it is really a whole new ball game. How will you think your grandmother has stored that heavy gold set for decades to pass to the next generation? Ever wondered how an age-old gold still shines and looks as clear as each day? We realize that taking gold ornaments to the jeweller everytime isn't feasible. However, you can

Celebrate Dear Ones With Rockrush's #nayidiwali Collection

This Diwali, celebrate this woman within your house by gifting her what she loves the most – jewellery and some ‘me time'. Now, buy gold jewellery online with Rockrush's #nayidiwali collection which will be infused with festive spirit. Take advantage of Dhanteras, which will be falling on the 17th of October this year, since it is regarded as being an auspicious time to bring home new gold jewellery. 1. For your grandmother

The Lazy Girl's Guide To Jewellery

Don't assume all girl gets excited at the arrival of the modern jewellery styles. She is simply not excited about wearing new jewellery. While her girl gang is discussing the newest baroque styled pearl earrings online, all she does is roll her eyes and gets back again to reading. It really is like an unwanted and tiring process to truly go and shop! Relatable much? Well, the good thing is

How To Protect Your Jewellery From Breaking

At such time, once you lose a bit of earring or one of many diamond fall removed from your ring, it is nothing less when compared to a nightmare of sorts. There are numerous tips on how best to look after your jewellery, which is an easy task to follow. Damaged jewellery needs special care and it is strongly recommended to fixing the piece immediately to save lots of it

What You Should Consider While Buying Gold

Gold is purity. Gold is royalty. Gold is a mesmerizing beauty. The metal's history traces back to the time of kings and emperors who valued and promoted its use through various mediums. Gold Coins, vessels and ornaments were an integral part of many kingdoms. Even though times have changed manifold, the value of gold has only increased. It is not a surprise that buying gold needs a lot of thinking

It’s Raining Gems! A Glimpse Of The Latest Gemstone Collection From Rockrush

You may have a mundane assortment of diamonds and pearls and you could swear by it. What about adding some blue, green and red to the whites with Rockrush's new Gemstone Collection? We have hand-picked several best from the lot. Have a look, we promise you won't regret it. 1. Regalia Emerald Earrings They're classy, elegant and they have a concoction of yellow gold, diamond and emeralds. These gemstone earrings certainly are

Update Your Fashion Kitty With Autumn Jewellery Trends 2017

Seasons are beautiful and so are their transitions. Days make months, months weave into years and each season brings with it a personal flavour. With the transition, the trends, tendencies and styles evolve. This change brings a lot of freshness in terms of fashion and jewellery. While each of us is quite updated on the latest fashion, we tend to miss out on the seasonal trends. Some seasons bring with

Ganesh Festival Jewellery and Gifting Ideas 2017

The rains bring a train of festivities each year and the devotees wait with concealed excitement for their beloved Ganesh to come home. The Lord of Knowledge and Obstacles, Ganesha is celebrated in his fullest glory for over 10 days. While sweets (read modaks with loads of ghee), loud aartis, decorations, and lights fill the days with much positivity and splendour, fashion and gifting trends set in and customized Ganesh

How To Measure Your Bangle Size

Isn’t there something so charming and inherently Indian about wearing gold bangles and diamond bangles? They make a classic statement and are every woman’s must-have. You don’t need a host of bangles, you just need that one signature pair that is equal parts stunning, as it is handy. We say handy because bangles can virtually complete any outfit and put an end to your accessorizing woes. And now that Rockrush

Peridot - What, Why and When of The August Birthstone

Peridot, an olive-green beauty, has layers of history and looks alluring to the core. The birthstone of August is easy to spot with its distinct color and prides itself on being the National Gem of Egypt. The gem is in demand more than ever for its many advantages. This gorgeous stone is used largely in rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Peridot stone also called as ‘the gem of the sun’

The Trend That’s Making A Comeback In 2017- Hoops Earrings

The IT 90’s accessory, the one that was sported by every IT girl on the red carpet, ranging from Madonna to Britney Spears to Angelina Jolie to JLo, is truly and in a well-documented manner making a comeback. The hoop. Hoops were in every teenage girl’s closet, the bigger the better! Even older women always had their elegant pair that they teamed up with a low bun or updos. And

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